kof2k2 help?


Just a few questions please help?

My team is Yuri, andy and whip. I play a very SF2 type style, I use some combos but I use priority, mindgames and range more.

Looking for chars to add or take away… any advice?

I’d like to add choi, billy and athena but I always get a major beat down when I use them.

Any advice for beating billy or an anti billy char?
Also Chris too, damn Chris is mean I’m surprised he doesn’t feature higher on tier lists.

  1. have at least one trained god tier char in your list just in case
  2. dont play kof “sf2 type style”

1.Yeah I’m thinking Choi so any ideas? What should I abuse?

  1. Why it’s working for me esp with yuri? (she’s like top 4 man.)

  2. Don’t forget I need an Anti-billy and a Anti-Chris


From all the choi players I’ve played so far in this game, I think the entire word choi means abuse.
Compared to most characters, Yuri is up there on the tier list.
Chris is a problem in 2002?

I’d suggest getting your game going with pokes and setups rather than all combos.

Anyways…strategy guide-> http://shoryuken.com/wiki/index.php/The_King_of_Fighters_2002
You’ll find tons of material on gamefaqs for combo lists.

s.A rush super.

chin can do that too :slight_smile:
s.A Super

seth can probably do that too
haven’t tried

think a lot of characters can

abuse choi jumping cross up C, and st A, and when ever possible SHDM, andy is pretty good, st C has very good priority, so has qcf B

Yeah andy is pretty good, I dunno ppl seem to be able to evade choi’s HSDM quite well at my arcade.

then don’t do it lol, just jump a lot with C C, use the wall roll <-, -> B,D, go back and forth thats annoying :arazz:

If you are getting poked to death by Billy from far like with his c.A, try not to get intimidated. It’s hitbox does not extend as far as the stick. Plus he is like Dhalsim in which you can pretty much hit him out of it. His f+A takes spacing to avoid. You’re going to be spending a lot of meter guard cancelling on him.

For Chris I’m guessing you mean regular Chris. He’s all about speed and mix-ups. Get used to seeing and anticipating his DP+A. Do not attack immediately after HCB+B/D don’t remember which because he can still do the dive kick in the air. His main damage comes from cancelling his specials into his supers so if he doesn’t have meter, he has to rely on mix-ups. Really, you should be more worried about O. Chris imo. Although Chris has good mix-ups, they aren’t like Kim or Clark’s where one wrong guess basically sets you up 100% for another mix-up.

From my experience Yuri is definitely not used like a shoto. She is a rush-down character with safe ass moves.

cho does the dirty high low mixups too. overhead links to s.A xx super.

c.B s.B s.A or something combos. I know you get the dirty 50/50 off c.B. hyper hop j.C is retarded like 2 hits, so much priority, crossup, combos into stuff.

And the runaway/poke bullshit with is air drill move is still there.

yuri loves the air fireball abuse and easy hit confirm to uppercut off c.B c.A

Thnx for all the info guys it helped a lot.

going to try and get better with Choi…

Now this is hard to explain but ppl who just run straight up to you and then jump north in the air so you can’t grab them or punish they also mix it up but it’s really annoying I can beat it but it really makes my grapplers suffer, any advice, yeah I know crappy question?

try yuri billy athena if you want a non-combo heavy spacing/poke style team

Depends on the grappler. The game thrives on jump-ins like whoa.

crouch b,crouch b,stand a,dpc dpc is useful low combo,abuse it ,if you got 2 stock add supercancel after first dp
In corners,stand c downforward d,hcb k,dp or dm
She got tons of nice normals:
-far stand c:nice poke quite fast and good recovery
-crouch b:fast and low combo starter
-crouch d:cancel it with downforward b to gain recovery
-jump d:awesome range,long hitbox:against a blocking opponent one of your options would be to wait for a second and hcb K
It’s also a good xup
-vertical jump d is lso quite good due to its range,nice air to air also
-jump c is used for jump in attacks or early air to air
-close stand d is great for meaty ,wether it connects or not,add a downforward b that hits low then dm if it connected.

qcb p got very fast recovery if blocked,in corner stand d,qcb p blocked,after it’s up to you for pressing