KOF13... Worth it?

I came into the scene from MvC3 and love the game, but would like to now play something a bit more tame. I never was able to get into SF4 and loved 3S but its dead.
Is KOF13 what im looking for? Is the game still going strong without plans on a new version/iteration in the making?

Wrong section man, not to mention that this kind of threads are against the rules.
The usual advice for this kind of threads, you are the only one that knows if you will like it or not, the best thing you can do is to watch high level play and try it for yourself, see if there are people who play it on your local scene so you can try it with them, if not rent it, but be aware that the netcode is not that great.

No one here knows you so we can’t give you a real advice outside of that.

And to answer your question. Nope. Unless you live in So Cal or around Texas.

Just know that you won’t be able to play online.

There’s a Texas scene?

I think he was assuming there’s Mexicans there.


Duckie confirmed that there’s some things going on in Texas.

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There is a lot more than just Texas. I’ve found scenes in Colorado, North Carolina, Louisiana (my scene), Kansas, Illinois, etc. They exist if you bother looking for them. I’ll personally say the Colorado guys are pretty damn good too.

All you need to a couple people who will play the game consistently. Who knows, the other people in your scene might see the game and pick it up. That’s how it really caught on here in Louisiana and now we’ve got 8-11 players regularly some of which came over from Marvel.

To the OP, I’ll say give it a shot and see if you like it. KOF 13 is a great game.

Hell, when I was stationed in Okinawa I only had one person to play against regularly: my roommate. It was still enough to keep both of us entertained until I got transferred. In fact, he even bought the game himself, which described as the first time he’d actually liked a fighter enough to buy it.

Unless you play someone while both having great internet connections while in a 800-1200 mile radius it will be jagged.

or you just grab the pc version. netcode feels really solid there.