KOF XII - Sie Kensou thread

Sie Kensou
Fighting Style: Superpowers and Chinese Kung Fu
Birthday: 23rd September
Nationality: China
Blood Type: B
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Fav. Food: Meat buns
Best Sport: Soccer
Important Things: Stuffed toy given to him by a fan
Disliked Things: Training

Ryuuhadan: close, b or f + A + C

Ryuutouda: qcb + A
Uroko Tetsu Tenohira: qcb + C
Tsugio Karazan Tatsukyaku: qcb + K
Ryuuboku Tsudzumi: dp + P
Ryuu Ago Sai: dp + K

Shinryuu Choukyuudan: qcbx2 + P

Played a lot of Kensou today. I’m not so sure that he’s actually a good character though because a lot of his normals have such shitty range, he can’t fight at long-range distances AT ALL… and there isn’t much variety in how you can play him. If he gets in he’s got some neat combos, though.

I figured out what the deal is with his dp+P (the rapid punch-em-in-the-crotch move). If you do a regular dp+P and don’t mash, you’ll get 4 hits. Mash a little and you’ll get 8 hits. Mash a little more and you’ll get 12 hits, and this is when you have the chance to do the finisher. If you mash past 12, Kensou will slow down his punches and run out of breath after the 16th punch, essentially opening him up to a free combo of the opponent’s choice. What you want to do is mash enough for the 12-hit version, and immediately when you’re at 9 or 10 hits, do hcb+P. You can do the finisher motion early on the 9th hit or so and it will automatically activate when he gets the 12th hit. The finisher doesn’t really do much damage but it sends them flying backwards. (Hmm… maybe you can juggle after the finisher if you do it in the corner? I honestly didn’t think to try it until now because I was too predisposed with trying CD chain juggles in the corner. Dammit)

I’m not sure if there’s any difference between dp+A and dp+C… distance he runs forward, maybe?

His crouching C is an upward punch that I guess is supposed to be used as anti-air. It has shitty horizontal range so it’s not good for combos, I think standing D is his best for combos starting with a hard attack.

DM is kinda shitty because if he gets hit in the startup the projectile never comes out, and it has quite a bit of startup. It’s so slow it won’t combo off hard attacks that don’t cause counterhit stagger. There were times I tried to use is anti-air but I was too slow and they kicked me right before it came out. He doesn’t really benefit from meter that much so I’d recommend sticking him in the 1st slot on your teams.

Midscreen combos (add a hop/jump attack if you wish):
cr. B, cr. B, s. A xx qcb+A -> qcb+C -> dp+D
s. D xx dp+P (mash for first 8 hits and then do hcb+P after 9th hit)
s. D -> CD xx qcb+K (seems to be the only thing that connects off his CD chain, such pathetic damage…)

Corner combos:
s. D -> CD xx qcbx2+P (DM)
s. D -> CD xx dp+P (8 hits, don’t go for any more), qcb+A -> dp+D

He probably has a better corner combo than that. Was trying to do qcb+A -> qcb+C after the dp+P but the qcb+C whiffs. It might be possible with correct timing (do it later?) but I didn’t really get to figure it out. 8-hit dp+P + qcb+A + dp+D is pretty beefy damage anyway.

Weird, when I did the qcb+C it missed entirely, maybe I was doing it too fast or something. I’ll try again next time.

Yeah, but it has such miserable range, I’ve tried to get out of the habit of using those attacks unless CC meter is flashing because I hate accidentally holding forward on the stick and getting the far version instead. Then again I guess his standing D isn’t THAT much better in terms of range, but both his standing and crouching C seem really short-range…

Try doing the Qcb+A a little bit later as the opponent is falling from the Dp+C. You actually have heaps of time to do the Qcb+A. Just a little bit of practice & changing your timing slightly each try until you get it is the key. Its not too hard to get.

Getting the far version of Kensou C is not actually too bad since it always causes a recoil animation if it hits your opponent & you can at least do a Qcb+B to combo it.

But at least with crouching C you always get what you want, instead of with standing C you may accidentally hold foward and getting a far C.

And that is why crouching B is a much better combo starter for Kensou unless you are punishing for opponent in the corner.

From the videos I have watched[pretty much them all], It seems that Kensou should be played mainly as a hit and run type of fighter, and not so much in your face.

Okay I’ll try that next time.

Er… huh? Far version shouldn’t cause recoil/stagger every time, are you sure you weren’t just getting counterhits with it…? I haven’t seen any moves that always cause a stagger, that would be kinda broken.

Yup, that’s why I use crouching C for most characters that have them just to avoid that overlap.

Of course.

I, uh, don’t really agree with this at all. Hit and run? This isn’t SF4.

Kensou pretty much HAS to be in the opponent’s face if he wants to do damage, because he’s got so many normals with shitty range. He’s got no fireball, nothing to really punish people from a distance except his qcb+K, which does like 5% damage or something. He’s got a good DP if you want to play defensive, but what are you going to do when they have a life lead on you?

I don’t know if its always a counter hit but everytime I hit with a far C the opponent always staggers but I can’t seem to do anything except a Qcb+B to combo after it. Can’t even run up to combo after it since Kensou’s far C does have quite a bit of recovery on it.

I find that after connecting a Qcb+B,you seem to lose a little bit of the initative & gives your opponent some space if you are outside of a corner. And since Kensou really is all about mind games & pressuring you opponent nowgiving your opponent a little bit of space is not really recommended especially against characters like Kyo & Iori.

Sucks he only has one super, I had really gotten used to his kick super in '02 and XI.

Is his qcb K move is a new version of his former rushing kick special and if so does the D version still work as an anti air?

For the QCB+K move, Kensou runs forward then does a flying kick. If the kick hits, he stops in mid-air then kicks off his opponent for a knockdown. Not very damaging, sadly.

Ah, so no multiple anti airs specials for Kensou. :sad:

Oh, well, even if this isn’t the Kensou I am used to, I will still have to give him a shot. So far only Joe and Ryo are my locks though.

Played him, definitely does need to be real close to do damage but he actually is fairly quick so it works out. I wish he still had more of his multiple hit specials from XI, but his qcb K, works similar enough to his previous dashing specials that it is ok. But I find it difficult to actually land that new rapid punch of his.

unless I’m gonna finish my opponent, I dont really use it, but then again I didnt know about its finisher.

why dont you guys just think of his C as Back+C? that’s what I use, so I dont get Fwd+C

His super feels so worthless.

I love the difference between his standing and crouching animations.

anyone got the KOFXII guide? Can you please post the CC combos for Kensou? I have a lot of trouble thinking up any good ones for him.

Currently for Kensou I’m doing

qcb+A xx qcb+C xx rdp+D f+C, j.CD, super. (if in corner can follow super with rdp+B)

If no super then CD, rdp+D

Hardly the best, but it works anywhere, and it’s better than mashing a string of Cs cluelessly

been doing
CC, 214A xx 214C xx 623D, 214A(slight pause) 214C, 623C(9 hits) 214A xx 214C xx 623D

in the corner I just basically don’t delay that second 214C and add a CD right after

I don’t think kensou can get much more damage using a super, since that usually means the end of the combo for him and unfortunately since he doesn’t have such damaging moves, his CC doesn’t really do much in the first place (just above 400 I believe super probably bumps it up about 100)

Anyone but me notice that he’s completely different than what we’re used to (especially for anyone who played KOF XI)? I guess its something I need to get used to

I noticed that from the beginning, but something I DIDN’T really think about is…he doesn’t have his air special

CC combos:


214A,214C,623D,6C,J.C+D,5(C+D),623D(or 214D)

in corner:
214A,214C,623D,6C,J.C+D,5(C+D),623C(8 HITS)214A,214C,623D

havent experimented with supers yet…like BBH said, kensou’s super isnt the best

sounds like a decent combo, and one of the few ways, kensou can use super as far as combos go…i wouldnt do it tho, simply cuz it gets scaled so much that u may as well use a different one…then again, unless ur in the corner, the other CC combos have a little harder timing.

will experiment more tonight when i get off

CC in corner:

qcb+A xx qcb+C XX dp+D f+C b+C+D C+D dp+C (8hits) qcb+A XX qcb+C XX DP+D

You can also just tack on super after where the dp+C should go. (I swore I landed this in open play but I can’t recreate it)

Highest damage I can get in the corner though is 563 with super-

CC hit b+C+DXXSuper j.CD b+C+D C+D dp+C (8 hits) qcb+a xx qcb+c xx dp+D

You have to do everything before the cc ends quickly though, or else the second b+C+D will come out after it’s ended and give them the normal stun where they fall quickly. Make sure to do the last dp+D so you get all the hits too.

(note: lower case b with me = back, not the B button- in case I confuse anyone)

back+CD? as in the parry move?
I would of never thought of using that in a CC.