KOF XII - Raiden thread

Fighting Style : Wrestling
Birthdate : 3th March
Nationality : Australia
Blood Group : O
Height : 202 cm
Weight : 210 kg
Likes : Amusement Park Rides
Fav. Food : Beef Steak
Strong Sports : Football
Impt Things : Mask Collection
Hated Things : Koalas

Neck Hanging: close, b or f + A + C

Doku Kiri: QCB + P
Raiden Bomb: dp + P
Giant Bomb: db~f + P
Giant Bomb Feint: Giant Bomb, B + D
Head Crush: hcf + K

HCBx2 + P

I have very little experience with Raiden, but I really would like to use him in KOFXII. Looks like he’s changed a lot from the only time I’ve used him which was CVS2.

From what I’ve seen in vids his poison mist attack looks to be a bit slower (or at least the stronger version does). I can’t see a command for his Dropkick attack, but I’m sure I’ve seen it used in the game too.

His DM move has the best startup I’ve seen in a long time though.

Poison mist is really garbage unfortunately. And no dropkick either.

He is a very strong character though!

Good to hear he’s still a good character despite those shortcomings. Thanks for clearing up the dropkick thing, I was sure I’d seen it in a video, but maybe it was just a Jumping Kick or something that I got mixed up with. Shame Poison Mist is useless though, I thought it was a pretty decent move in CVS2.

This is probably a very nooby question, so I apologise in advance, but it’s possible to combo into his DM move isn’t it? That alone would make a character like Raiden or Goro pretty good I guess.

Dropkick seems to be his CD attack, but he doesn’t seem to go that far with it either.

Is the Raiden Bomb a good anti-air grab? Or is it slow/doesn’t travel too far?

Both his command throw and super do nice damage though.

It’s been possible to combo into command throws and supers in pretty much every KOF, would be kinda weird to change that now wouldn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

His standing CD doesn’t have spectacular range, but it’s also the attack used for his b+CD counter and that has more range than a lot of character’s b+CD’s, so that’s good at least.

Raiden Bomb is weird, I’ve seen it grab people almost immediately after he leaves the ground, but other times I’ve seen him get hit out of it entirely. My theory is that since it’s a throw, and since attacks pretty much always beat throws in this game, it will always lose if they’re sticking out a jump attack. Meaning if you want to land it you’ve got to pretty much predict it and do it fast.

One thing I realized last weekend was that his standing D has really good range for a bufferable attack, and it seems to be pretty good as a meaty. You can pretty much stand over them as they get up and do a meaty standing D, and it gives you enough time to hit-confirm and combo his command throw if you see it hit. Sure most of the time command throw will be landed off his low B low A combo, but this seems like a great way to do damage if they flub their wakeup move or try jumping immediately on wakeup.

This also gives him a very easy way to combo into his DM - hcb+D, hcb+P. Again, it’s not too difficult to hit-confirm this. Also seems like an excellent punish if somebody whiffs a DP or another laggy move, but I didn’t think to try this until now.

Pretty much all anti-air grab specials in fighters get beat easily with anything. At least this game isn’t as fast as 98. The AA grab specials are almost useless there.

With the speed of this game, you could probably train yourself to do Raiden Bomb on command as soon as they jump. (Until they wise up)

Is Raiden Bomb like Raiden’s dp+P in CVS2?

He jumps directly up into the air in XII, compared to a forward hop in CvS2.

Is Raiden the new Clark?

Clark is still basically clark, he just doesn’t fit the system as well. He’s just most likely the best “grappler” in KOF12

Are we talking “grappler” as someone who’s entire gameplan is to land command throw? Of course that’s Clark’s game because he has like no other moves, lol. I think Raiden can consistenly land his command throw more reliably off low B - low A, plus he’s just a better character in general.

Raiden is the shit!

I’m betting j.D crosses up, right? Acid spit seems like it’s + on block. It also has a weird hitbox too (seems to cover his head or something).

This is what BBH said about Raiden over at CX:

Can’t Wait To Use Raiden On My Team ^_^(Big Slow Powerful Grapplers Are My Kind Of Fighters)

While this thread is back at front, I figure I’ll ask:

Has the “Raiden VS Ducking B’s” thing from BBH’s post gotten anywhere? I’ve never REALLY seen him seem to have a problem with duckers in all the videos I’ve watched with him. Did Raiden players just find a way around it swiftly, or is it more a case of players not abusing this aganist him?

I feel like I’ve seen much more Raiden play, lately, than Goro, and in the beginning, I never would have expected that. Goro looks very solid, when used right, and Clark seems to be a late bloomer with the players, so I expected Goro to take the spot as “The King of Grapplers!”

If Raiden is trying to cross-up j. D, you can’t d. B it with most characters including Iori unless the j. D is early. Only possible character that would be able to would be Chin, although I doubt it.

does his desperation move even have a name
and does anyone have any good raiden footage?

His DM is called Super Raiden Drop.

i keep hearing the mist attack is useless, what about if its used as a meaty? i know he has better oki options but im just asking