KOF XII - Goro Daimon thread

Goro Daimon
Fighting Style : Judo + Self-created fighting techniques
Birthdate : 5th May
Nationality : Japan
Blood Group : A+
Height : 204 cm
Weight : 138 kg
Likes : Understanding nature
Fav. Food : Zaru soba
Strong Sports : Judo
Important Things : His wooden shoes
Hated Things : Detailed machinery

Okuriashi Harai: close, b or f + A + C

Jirashin: dp + P
Kumo Tsukami Nage: hcf + A
Kirikabu Kaeshi: hcf + C
Tenchi Gaeshi: hcb, f + P
Chou Ukemi Moattane: qcb + K

Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi: hcbx2 + P

Well I’ve decided to pick him up (Never really mained a grappler before) any attack stings that work that I can try or something?

His neutral C is really good, great range and cancellable (its his CC starter to so no wonder Arcadia ranked it A). Stand B is a solid poke, as is fwd+C. His d/f C is a good anti-air against normal jumps and its cancellable into his qcb B/D roll. Like in 98, if d/f C hits counter hit in the air, and you roll you get a free d/f C or hcf A.

stand A or stand D do well against short hops, and jump B is an ok air to air, but i dont really know about how well his other air normals far. Lets see, as for combos:

cr.B, cr.A xx hcb fwd C.
st.C xx hcb fwd C
in the corner: st.C XX CD XX HCF A
and if you ever land a fully charged CD, do: qcb B XX combo of choice or Super

ground pound mixups make a solid guessing game, and the move happens to go under air fireballs, which makes him a decent threat against the likes of Andy and Robert.

Any other questions?

What do the xx stand for. are they like short pauses? Other than that, also can u combo into his hcf A other than the corner, as well as how good is the autoguard in hcf+C as far as should i use it to punish move like burn knuckle Slash Kick, or even supers

xx/XX just stands for a cancel, such as cancelling a close fierce into a fireball, or C xx qcf C.

You can get a hcf A if you get a CH anti-air d/f C and cancel that into a roll.

As for the autoguard, it is unlimited hits throughout but you do take damage during it and it can be blocked (very unsafe on block too), and your opponent has to be a certain distance or else the grab will just whiff. So depending on how far the special moves leave them, you have to be careful. Also you can absorb specials but as for supers, i havent tested, but i would assume so since you can back+CD supers.

I feel like I’m seeing him use his anti-air grab against people even when they have an attack hitbox out, but that might be me seeing things. My understanding is throws in general get beat out by pretty much anything; any notes on his anti-air grab?

Edit: Found a good example of what I’m talking about: [media=youtube]IvsxN4D32vs&feature=PlayList&p=6345822E28422935&index=0&playnext=1"[/media]

At around 0:35-0:37, it seems like Goro’s grabbing Andy out of an attack. Anyone know how this throw works exactly?

It’s an anti-air; i’ve always thought of it while using it as a dragon punch with the same priortites, Goro just happens to grab you.

hcf+A always had crazy priority… i think he can only be beaten if u manage to hit him at the very beginning of it… i was wondering though does his jump B have priority like before like '97? if so i’m sold… cause out of all the grapplers he is the strongest… but clark is still better

Has anyone found any more combos to practice, or is it all about cancelling into hcb fwd C?

I dont know about this new kof but in the older ones you never use that hcf+a as you’re go to anti air, it’s not got no where near the priority of an anti air like a DP.
It can be used as an anti air but dont be surprised if it gets stuffed ALOT, you got to grab them really early in there jump, but now i think it has a bit of autoguard on it which makes it a bit more trustworthy

In old KOFs, on hcf+A his arm is invincible.

what we talking here post 96?

i guess if youre cornered comboing into HCF+C might be useful

tbh im not familiar with kof dynamics so im not sure if itd be useful for goro die man to corner someone

hcf + c if lands throws them on the oppisite side of you, letting them out of the corner. The 180 + forward a or c grapple keeps them in it.

All last night Mature’s special air move stuffed Goro’s hcf a anti-air.

what about d/f+C?

That’s the most damaging one. But if you are close to a corner and want to throw them behind you into it instead do the combo into hcf C. Maybe another combo to practice is the crouching C anti air coutner into qcb B (the roll) to hcf A because that shit looks cool :rofl:

I’ve also noticed up at very close range it’s seems safer to do just his hcb fwd A or C (same damage) because his double 180 super gets jabbed out a lot. The super gots good distance though so i’m throwing it close to sweep range.

What ever, i like Goro and just wanted to bump his thread

What are some proper uses of his qcb+K? Just to cancel off of big blocked moves like a CD attack?

Traditionally the Super Ukemi Roll was 100% invincible to everything, including throws (unlike regular rolls. It also was a way to set up the OTG Minelayer glitch in previous KOF’s).

I’m not sure if that is still true in XII (I suspect it is, but I never thought to verify that). Also it differs from the regular roll in that it won’t roll past the opponent, and its distance is not effected by running.

With throws working they do in XII (being LP+HP commands as opposed to being affected by proximity) and having a fair bit of recovery, you could do an Super Ukemi, they whiff their throw attempt and you can catch them in the recovery.

UPDATE: After messing with it a bit, it seems that throws (or at the very least command throws) can grab him out of the Super Ukemi now, which significantly reduces its usefulness. Perhaps you could use it to break a CD, or to safe yourself from being hit by a b+CD (or Elizabeth’s, Athena’s or Chin’s) counter. But save for not rolling through the opponent, it appears to have the same properties as a regular roll. :bluu:

ya i got punished for trying to use it like 97 and 01… but it does have it’s uses… some combos i use…

his hcb~f+C throw can be done as qcb~f+C

add jump B_D as you please

B xx hcb~f+C best range for hcb~f+C imo
C_2C xx hcb~f+C or DM
C xx hcf+C for side switch
2B, 2A xx hcb~f+C low starter

counter hit C_2C xx qcb+B, 2C xx hcb~f+C
counter hit C_2C xx qcb+B, C xx DM

i think goro has the worst and most boring CCs… anyways heres what i got so far… about 400-460 dmg…

CC, C x 7, C xx hcb~f+C or DM
CC, D x 6, hop D, C xx hcb~f+C or DM
CC, D x 5, dp+C, C, charged C+D xx hcf+A corner CC …this is about as flashy as he gets