KOF XI Thread :: Ver 2.0

Okay so the other thread was locked. So here is a new one, put all your questions and such here, The other thread was really good except for flames, so please try to keep that too a minimum and post up strats and questions I’ll import some of the good stuff over from the other thread to this one, tomorrow sometime. But don’t wait for me, Post up if you want! Okay lets get this going!

MATCHES and COMBOS on youtube/


Link to old closed thread. Still good info in the later pages.


If anyone has any advice for learning Malin and utilizing her as a good rushdown character I’d like to hear it. Basically all I know how to do with her are a few combos into her Maximum Spider super, but beyond that my game has no depth. Not that it needs any, because none of my friends want to play KoF XI very often. I’m lucky if I can get them to play 3s with me.

i’ll try to help.

malin is one of the fastest characters in the game. her hyper hop covers a lot of distance and her run just might be the fastest in the game

j.hp is a really good jump in and hyper hop but due to the angle, its not always good when used on point blank. its good to mix it up with j.lk and j.lp.

j.hk is a huge arc in front of the opponent. its good for pinning the opponent down in the corner so they cant jump away. jumping e is a tad slow but its good fighting against character air to air in the same plane as you.

far hp, far hk, close lp, c.hk should be used for footsies. far hp and c.hk has really good range and should be used like vega’s from street fighter. far hk goes over low attacks and also snatches enemies trying to jump away. close lp and c.lp are your anti roll and anti air. c.hp is only good as an early anti air because it got toned down dramatically since kof2k3.

some b&bs.

  1. close hp/hk, f+lk, qcf+lk
  2. close hp/hk, f+lk, qcf+lp xx punch super/kick super
  3. c.lk, c.lp, qcf+lp xx punch super/kick super

b&b #1 is safe on block but they can counter roll against it. not only does it do massive damage and stun damage, it sets up tag combos perfectly for anyone.

b&b #2 is good for quick damage. use the kick version only if you want to qs out after the launch (which means you should have 2 skill stocks) because the punch super does significantly more.

b&b #3 is her only combo off a low attack. the qcf+lp is not safe if not cancelled so hit confirm it off c.lk, c.lp.

her LDM is really good. fast startup, high damage, even higher damage on counter hit, fairly safe on block against most moves, OTGs, great as anti air, and is an overhead.

do anyone tried some centerscreen ash LDM custom?
i tried for a while before but it seems that you can’t do anything different from dcuB bcuA germinar :frowning:
ash as leader is useless untill you don’t change your strats and play only to cornerize your oppo…

I don’t think ash has a midscreen one except for the random one where you keep them grounded that you’ll never get in a real match because you can’t combo into it as far as I know. Have you tried doing the d,u+B canceling it into that forward moving kick, then canceling that to d,u+B again, I could see that maybe working if you were point blank. I don’t know though I doubt there is much ash can do midscreen.

EDIT: SUPER SECRET MAXIMA TECHNIQUE! In the corner, you can crossup with an early bunkerbuster before the next player comes in, delay it for just a it and you can get a non cross-up. Risky = yes, but it may be worth it. Also in the corner the Bunker buster can recombo into itself, but it is tech rollable and only does a little bit of damage.

Well, I tried this game out today :smiley:
Found a cab in some arcade and since I had seen this thread before I figured I’d give it a try.

First off, I’m glad they finally decided to include character switching.
Other than that, I used K and Eiji (or something like that) and…oh I forget the last guy. Mashed my way to the second ‘boss’ or whatever you call those ‘Here comes a new challenger’ people.
It was fun, liked the graphics, but I’ve gotta learn some moves or I’ll get tired of mashing right quick.

need anything for vanessa vids combos whatever, i suck with her

Okay well here’s a quick K’ BNB list plus some good stuff too use.

cr.b, cr.a. df+d xx qcb+b
df+d (overhead) xx qcb + B
st.C xx f+b xx qcb+b, qcb+b (do both motions fast so you only get the slide), dp+a
st.c xx f+b xx qcf, qcf+a or c or into ldm if he is your leader.
st.c xx f+a (use this on crouchers and cancel the f+a into the same comos as above.

there’s more but those are the basics.

Make sure to mix in the df+d it’s an overhead that is cancelable if you are going for pressure and want to say do cr.D xx df+d. You can cancel to the df+d into the qcf+d (air fireball) for block string pressure and it’s safe as far as I know.

His cross up is jumping C make sure to use C for Hyper Hops, though also mix in jumping D for air to air as well as to poke at people from slightly further away. His jumping E can also be used as a good way to get in

Edit: I don’t know eiji sorry.

Edit: I don’t know vanessa well enough to give you to much, Dark Geese does hopefully he’ll post up.

To Dark Geese: instead of PMing the vanessa stuff can you just post it up that way it’ll be in the thread?

I heard Clark is good once again in this game.

Combos? Strategies?

yes, i tried both back and forward kick but no one work
now i have to try after the throw to run and juggle with ldm then follow with one of the kicks or any dcu into kick…
basically i think that can be done:
throw something ldm a dcu and forward kick chain until corner then a finisher

but i think that if something similar existed someone already had put it online :frowning:

Well I’ve been getting slightly better thanks to Dark Geese and others. Thanks for help so far guys my game is slowly improving. Now all I need now is a Joystick for my PS2.

thanks for the help, man. Eiji was simple to figure out the basics with.
I’m not sure I understand all that st.c df.d etc…I’m not so much good with the abbreviations.

this might be kinda lame, but in the home version on arcade mode, how do you fight Silber and Jyazu, ive unlocked adel, gai and sho, cant seem to get to fight the other two. and i couldnt help but notice that in the endings gallery there are like a bajillion secret ending, and idea on how to unlock those? (secret teams? one character?)

just complete all the challenges, it’s the easiest route to go

I believe gamefaqs has a guide for both unlocking all characters and challange mode if you decide to go that route. As for the endings. Certain team combinations get it. Like the unrequited love team which is Robert, Kensou, and Ramon. that gets you a secret ending.

as for abbreviatons.
st = standing
cr = crouching
df = down-forward
a = light punch
b = light kick
c = strong punch
d = strong kick
e = knockdown attack the 5th buttom refered to as BO I believe in the command list on console.

i guess that’s why there are no faqs or secret team listings on this game =\

You need to get to the mid-boss level without having any of your team members KOed, plus you must KO at least six enemies using a DM. Somewhere I read you also need to use at least 2 LDM (no need to KO though). However I do not believe this to be true, as I’m quite sure I got to Silber without using a single LDM.

Anways, if you’ve met the requirements, Silber or Jyazu is randomly selected to fight you.

does everyone use QS or SS a lot? I sometimes use QS but should be using SS a bit more.

i prefer to poke on block then QS
i use SS only when i feel an high damaging combo or i can’t stand my oppo’s pressure

here’s the shen trick explained
shen has a shortcut for his ldm that works in similar manner to ash’s

just keep pressed AB then hit C 2 times quicly and your big bang LDM will come out

i have to try if a better shortcut exists then i’ll post

i wonder if duolon have another one…

I’m looking for info on Elizabeth.
Can she combo anything after her wp. Uppercut Move?
Also, does she have any Dream Cancels that really work outside of the corners?