KoF World ..... kof 12 on pc?maybe this time is true!

look here (official website (in chinese only)):
the trailer:

it will be released on 2010.
As u can see it’s KOF XII!
It’s a coproduction between SNK and SHANDA GAMES (CHI)

Now i’m looking into the forum to check other news.
If it turns out to be the real KOF XII but for pc… damn i will buy it for sure!

how about they try to make a better XIII instead of doing all these side projects?

as i said before…to me ,a release of kof12 on the PC would be great :lovin:

If there is good netplay undoubtedly some people will play.


hmm… free to play… now that’s worth looking into… i’m guessing it’s gonna be that tekken force style thing… they should also include that kof sky stage game in it… now snk when r u gonna make us really happy and release kofxi on psn with ggpo netcode? i’ll even pay $30 for that…

yes it’s what i understood from the chinese website…but now… free to play what does really mean? you can play it OFFLINE 1p v 2p like a normal versus fighting game or you have to be ONLINE and during the MMO session the fights just pop up "kof12"style? if they put the offline versus mode (trailer? who knows…),well wth i ll buy it straight from China on day1 :angel:

Outsourcing + Chinese company = Terrible netcode. I have my severe doubts on this.

All part of Playmore’s master plan to go bankrupt in 2010 to celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of the original SNK bankruptcy.

Or just make KOF XI Universal Match… :rofl: (With Daimon, 2003 Duo Lon lol, 2003 Ash, Chizuru, Maki, 2003 Malin, Mukai LOL)

I keep thinking “would it be such a terrible thing if SNKP went bankrupt and the various franchises went to Capcom, ARC, DIMPS/Sega?” and I say, it would be a good thing. I think it would be too good to be true for Capcom to buy SNKP up, most likely Sega or Konami.

Dear God no…why would you ever think that?

Granted, SNKP has proven time and time again that they suck at business and marketing…but why put it in the hands of idiots like Ono and Dimps? Or even worse, Eighting?
Sega buying out the SNK properties would be the final kiss of death. Guarantee we’d never see any SNK character again. Outside of maybe Terry as a cameo in some damnable Sonic racing game.
ARC would probably do something with them, but it’d be the same stupid broken crap as Blahblue, Brokuto no Broken, and Senbroku Basara X.


Less companies, especially fighting game companies, is not a good thing at all.

By that retarded logic, Capcom should let EA handle Street Fighter, then. Or Namco, by the “fighting” logic.

Capcom tried making SNK characters work before, and failed. Just like SNK tried their hands on Capcom characters and failed. It’s like dorks only care about the characters themselves, not about how they feel. :rolleyes:


at the end of the page there is a pic… it’s not 3d… i’m dying to wait… april is near!

Looks like the DM Kyo got in MI2.

what info appears in the page?

Terry was one of the most complete characters in KOFXII, now he also gets back his Busta Wurf!

Could this be an official Beats of Rage-like game?

Looks like this game will become DFO with KOF special moves and DMs. Nothing special here.

Kyo with shorter sleeves and new pants? Would they go that far? Os is that a new character? Or maybe a create-a-character mode?