Kof Single events?

I was wondering if Kof series every held single character tournaments? (not including KOF MIRA)

ME and some of the people I play with been enjoying Kof12 but as it stand we are only interested in hand full of characters that’s does not make an complete team. Also we like to be able to just stick with one character during the match instead of alternating.

I understand that kof aim for team play and is in depth for high level strategy play. But I’m just having too much fun with my prefer character.

this is kinda like asking about single character tourneys for cvs2 (except kof’s more niche). you see might see them as side tourneys at big events for shits n giggles but that’s about it. however, single-mode is pretty good if you want to train individual characters. it might not be a bad idea to continue playing it til you learn your secondary and tertiary characters, because soon enough, you’ll find yourself with a decent team.

Like rogueyoshi said, KoFs are based on 3vs3 team system, you’ll most likely HAVE to learn 3 characters to stand a chance in a tourney.

Worst case, get REALLY good with your 1st character, and hope you never have to use your other ones lol ^^

well this is not going to ruin my fun with the game and tournament experience. I was curious. Well if their side events that be nice.

though I still prefer single since every round start pretty much at neutral state with health bars. Just feel a little more authentic to me.

Everything in KoF you need to strategize, that includes the time and the health portion. People are going to have to learn how to play with certain amount of blood. You take away KoF’s main emphasis by only playing single matches. But whatever floats your boat.

It is not my intentions dispute the value of team play and singles. I admit that Im much more in favor of single than team but I feel both feature should be welcome with the same amount of value.

Now I understand this may sound like slander for you KOF arcade purist since I’m asking for events from feature that was not in arcades to begin with. Well sadly I don’t value arcade authentic that much.( prepare flame shield)

Leeways ware made in events. Like how pad player can now compete in use to be stick only events. But to not cut another source of dedicated player, some communities allow some exception to their standards. ( one can argue that this is an invalid point for it being a case of convenience but if that so than another can argue the case of inconvenience of learning a new character)

I don’t think an exception to this standard is really necessary. Only learning one character leaves your entire playstyle vulnerable to counter-picking. Not only that, character selection and position is a big part of the strategy involved in KoF. If that rubs you the wrong way, you’re playing the wrong game.

PS: It shouldn’t be an inconvenience to have 2 other characters. That’s like bitching that you have to learn combos to play. It can only help your gameplay, otherwise you’re asking to play handicapped.

If you want to play 1v1 go ahead.