KOF PC Online Horrible Lag?

So, everyone has been praising this as the definitive version, that this is the best version of 13 but is there some sort of trick to the online?

Like my main training partner is about a 3 hour drive away but we play SFIV all the time online and both our ports are open, I’ve got a great internet connection, but we can’t play KoF at all.


Any ideas?

Not sure. I’m in Virginia and I can get a good connection to people in Boston, which is probably about an 8 hour drive away. Your friend has his setup straight I’m assuming?

Yeah, like I said we can play SFIV no problem, his internet isn’t very good but I always host.

We’ve put more time into KOF and sometimes it’s fine but there can be nuts slowdowns and still drops for no discernible reasons…