Kof NW: Yes we exist! (just not on srk)

Realized after talking to various ‘randoms’ @ Gameclucks and EOS (and now finally remembering to do this today) that there are new players not yet in the scene or KoF familiars that don’t know where to go to find some local play.

In short: The PacNorthwest fighting game community has almost entirely moved to Facebook groups as it’s primary communication tool, what with the popularity and ease of organization available there…the King of Fighters scene is no exception.

KoF Northwest - Facebook group…ask for an invite, we’re very active so the turnaround time is fast. Post up, introduce yourself and where you’re from…the documents or ‘files’ section of the group is a great resource with all the primer videos and articles, matchup information, player location, and other documents all there to help new players get a feel for what to work on and who’s around to play with.

A little late, but you know what they say.