Kof Neowave Thread

just neowave in here.

Game seems pretty tight so far. I haven’t figured out any game breaking shit yet, except king’s canceling(80%).

JD mode seems like it should own hop D iori scrubs, lol.

POst Up whatever you figure out.

Max 2 is the best then it’s max mode canceling, not because of the combos but because at anytime (with the right gauge) you can do a MAX super, and take off 60%. That why choi is so lame in Max mode!

yo max mode is mad good. iori has like a 50% combo with the deadly flower into scum gule run up and do it again then finsh the deadly flower combo. kyo same thing as 2k2 and svc, but it doesn’t take all that much life thank good.

Yes that Scum Gale combo is good as Mukai said, key is timing for it thought bc to the naked eye you have to run up and press C bc it looks as if it doesnt combo!

Combos for Vaneesa, Ramon & K’ PLZ!

Combos for Vanessa…okay…well they are practically the same as 2k2…esp for Vanessa…except for SC mode it is (st. CxxHCF+Cxxqcf+b repeat)
K-in corner-qcf+a to f+D(launches), qcf+a to F+b Sunglasses Super.
All these in HEAT Mode do EVEN MORE DAMAGE OBVIOUSLY. Ramon is the same as 2k2…

Choi is once again the broken character. Ridiculous cross up and the standing C to foward B connects again, which means follow up A to super. This combo has always done and still does a silly amount of damage. With Heat, yeah, you figure it out. I like that Jhun is back to the way he was. He was interesting in 2k3 but I was too used to holding the buttons down, so, I’m happy that he’s back to the way he was. And his hopping kick in stance goes over Geese’s fireball, lol, this is funny to watch.

Thanks bro, :stuck_out_tongue: can’t believe I forgot that combos in 2002 can be done in here as well. BTW for Guard Cancel mode, the Guard Break is :qcf:+:hp::hk: right? I can also do it as :hcf:+:hp::hk: correct? …has anyone seen someone JD ALL 27 hits of Ralf’s :d::df::hcb:+:2p: SDM?

Yes GBreak is that which you just said. I havent tried to JD it yet…but I will let you know once I do JD it.

I did do it once actually seems easy you just to keep a sharp eye ;).
BTW how do u unlock Seth, Kyo Klone & Omega Rugal in the PS2 version?
Any combos for Geese please? I can’t seem to combo anyhitng with him…

you don’t have to beat endless mode but you have to get to geese I think its 47 wins in a row
and they will be unlocked you have to hold R1 to pick them

I was just messing around in pratice mode and found out YASHIRO OF THE PARCHED EARTH can connect his hsdm in the corner from his qcf a or c throw man thats dirty another new thing Kyo can go into a special move from the first hit of his down forward D

Combos for Geese…you asked the right person…:devil:
-St. DxxReppuken,
-Cr.CxDf+AxxHidden Just Frame Deadly Rave Super (Hard to do but possible)
-St. DXXDeadly Rave (Another hard Just Frame link)
-Reppuken with C, juggle with Deadly Rave.
-Crossover jump b,cr.b,cr.axxdf+axxDeadly Rave. (Hard)
-Raging Storm, Run in Deadly Rave.

If you want more about Geese just ask I can PM you JUST HOW GOOD THIS GUY IS…(As you see Young Geese i the av I am a Geese fanatic)

What I just gave you is the tip of the iceberg…:tup:

w00t, thanks D. Geese. I’m starting to become a Geese fan specially in RBFF2 (LOVE Red Raging Storm <3). Sure PM me with whatever combos, starts you want. At least he’s not THAT cheap as his boss version.

@Masterofking: Don’t you mean you can combo his HDM off of his QCB+P?

Off Reppuken with C you can combo Deadly Rave as a juggle…trust me it works…:tup:

No what I said is right qcf p the throw were he throws you high in the air

I’ve heard that Angel is better in NW than she was in 2k2. Can anybody explain why ?

Everything Angel has is easier to do with the controls plus her other crossover jump b works LIKE A CHARM THIS TIME AROUND(has greater priority). She is much easier to play and cancel her strings with fakes (The ABC Fake Interrupter) or what ever else she has. Sc mode gives her the super but she doesnt have any really good Super Cancel NOR DOES GEESE. Download some match vids from On.com/fileplanet and you will see how much easier everything is to do with her now, including her infinite…it also is much easier.

If you guys have any other questions feel free to ask…Ill do my best to try and answer them…

Did you all know that Geese D Rave is not invulnerable to command throws??? Yes that is very true.

MAX2 Saisyu is a beast…with that new HSDM of his you can REALLY PUT THE PRESSURE ON PEOPLE.

A strat with Angel is do a combo of hers and if it is blocked do the Fake interrupter to jump forward or back or if they are blocking low cancel to flip kick or unblockable command grab. Always keeps them on the guess…then if hitconfirmed finish with Ranbu Super/HSDM version.

aNYONE know where to dl a cool NeoWave combo vid?

Orochinagi Forums

You need to go to the orochinagi site…type it in your search engine and it will bring it up…you will find what you seek there be it the forums or the main site where they mimic everything from other sites like cyberfanatics, cyberfanatix etc.

My arcade just got this in…been years since there’s been a 2D fighter there.
Also been years since I’ve played a KOF.

Super Cancel mode has me interested, anyone know good combos with Chin, Sie Kensou, or Kula?

Also Dark Geese, could you send me the Geese goods?