KOF Masters please help me - Iori 2001

I am looking for a video that i cant seem to find online. The video contains a combo that i loved doing years back with Iori.

I don’t know if the video accidentally got deleted from my hard drives or if it was renamed or if one of my hard drives lost it by incorrect shut down or power failure or or or or… I never lose information (I backup everything twice or maybe more lol) therefore this is driving me nuts. I have been searching online and offline for a week now and still nothing. I use a program called everything search to index my hardrives.

The combo is done with Iori and then your (strikers) angel kula xiangfei.

I normally did it in the corner accumulating almost a 100 hits. I dont know if i went past 100 or if its an infinite combo - I just remember I love doing it on Mame.

Guys Please Help Me Find this combo or video.

Thank you