KoF Help

Hey guys well of course im new but im just trying to get into kof because i have never taken a kof game seriously and ive just started playing at this kind of level and i dont kno the first thing about playing any kof game but i love the characters and i wanna play kof 11 n 12. I would like to play Gato, terry, and K" in kof 11 and im not sure about 12 but basically i just wanted to kno was there anybody out there that could give me some pointers??? Any info would be highly appreciated

I’d recommend getting into a classic, more played KoF such as 98 or 2k2. The problem with XI is that since it isn’t online, you might not be able to find any competition for it. There is, however, a very good KoF XI thread and you can find it with the search function.

The reason why I also suggested 98 and 2k2 is that they follow the most classic KoF formula and you could say that it would ready you for 12. You’ll learn the KoF basics through them and you can play them online with other people. For 2k2 and 98 info, check gamefaqs or better yet, the SRK wiki.

Dude, he lives in California. He can find people to play XI with.

As for info:


lol, I’m biased. I hate the shit out of that game. :rofl:

Why do I get the feeling that this is one of those trolling threads that bullshits just to waste everyone’s time

Ya know…kinda like the last one: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=172397

Thank you just too much. This is EXACTLY what I have been searching hours for.