KOF Dream Match 1999 Vs. KOF 98

Thinking about picking this up for my Dreamcast, any notable differences (other than the graphical update) from the original 98 (I have the original as part of the Orochi Saga Collection on the Wii)?

98 has better fighting feels too it, it it contains alot of good/old/new characters like the usa team, kyos dad, orochi team…etc
the 97,98,2002 were probably the best ones in my taste.

I think that Nephinel was talking about the Dreamcast version of '98, which was released in 1999.

Personally, other than the graphics difference, I’m not sure that there IS a difference.

so much nice memory of childhood from dreamcast version. :smiley:

Compared to the arcade version it has a different cross up property. With Mai for example in 99 DM you can jump over someone and input the motion for her squirrel dive and itll autocorrect itself and you hit your opponent instead of landing away from them.