Kof arcade scene

so where in usa was kof the biggest in the arcade which kof game was at the height of snk in usa was it kof 98? and where? cali? do any of you guys ever remember scene for kof we only ever had a soul calibur and tekken scene in mississippi sf was very small here at the arcade im curious as to how kof 98 was back when alpha 3 and sf3 first came out

Kof 13 was the biggest I’ve seen it with it being at Evo and such. Not many places play it anymore, if your area does you are lucky.

my arcade had kof 97 in 1998 played it daily for 2 years till they let it go sadly in 2000 i looked for years for any type of kof game but only kof game u could get was for dream cast kof 98 sadly i was happy to find out about emulation in 2006 and was able to play it again

These days, you’d have to go to China for the authentic KOF 97/98 experience

And I heard shit sometimes ends in real-life stabbings over there :open_mouth:

lol read something online about a guy almost stabbed a guy after a kof 97 match in china

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