KOF 98U anyone still play?

I made a rash decision because I really wanted to play KOF I was torn between purchasing 98,2002, or battle coliseum. I thought there was a decent community of KOF fans like there was for super street fighter turbo HD – damn was I wrong. I can’t get my money back so I’m looking for folks who want to play. I’m decent at this game I don’t care if your an advanced player I want to get better so that is cool. I’m in the southeastern region in GA. I usually don’t play until 8:00-9:00pm. On tuesday, I should be able to play around 3:00pm-until so let me know.

I play now and then. Online is crap, that’s why no one plays it for the most part (Mark of the Wolves suffered the same treatment). If you catch someone with a good ping, it’s not too bad. I have tue and wed off and I work midnights. So my schedule is erratic online. Sometimes I’m on a lot sometimes I’m too tired to care. I’m pretty good, but don’t really get too competitive anymore. I just play for fun.

Just to let you know Neo Geo Battle Coliseum is considered the best snk/playmore online. KOF 2002 UM is better then 98UM online wise. Most of the KOF community on XBL play those 2 games.

I just got kof2002 I might buy neo geo battle too

Play 98/02 on GGPO if you want to play people in KOF. Unfortunately GGPO is still down at the moment. What part of GA are you from? I’m in Atlanta. PM me if you want to hit up some offline casuals.

OK, guys, my tag name is fasic, I used to play kofneowave madly back in the day. I will have my new xbox 360 on june 25( I stop playing, but you cant fight you addiction, gamer forever). I will be on kof 2002 um, kof 98 um and kof neowave. if you need a player hit me up. my network will be good! 50 mg/s download 15mg/s up load. so if you have a good connection, we have no excuse:rock:

I am down. I have Mark of the Wolves, NGBC and 98. Just send me a PM. I am avail most evenings.

Just made a new account just need to get gold again lol hmu guys, xiii and 98 I where its at.
Xbl: iYorKeY

I hate to be like bringing up old post but I also play KOF 98 UM and 2K2 onlive and would like some friends to actually play with online. I also play on Supercade and GGPO as Kenshinsama

My XBL tag is Kohara Amano.

Yeah I’m down. Lol
Add meh


I got KOF98UM and NGBC but im learning. Add me: Fwindows98

I’ve begun playing if anyone is keen,

7years later xD