KOF 98 vs KOF 99

As an older member of these forums, I have decided to come back with a question that has always boggled my mind but never really took the time to ask.

Why is there so much love for King of Fighters 98 but very little for 99? I honestly do not see much of a problem with 99 to be honest. I love the soundtrack and the characters offered (as well as the assists/strikers). The stage intros before a fight in 99 are awesome as well. I never played KOF 98 so I must ask, sorry if the question sounds stupid to most of you.

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Dream matches always seem to be more favored by the kof players, hence 98 and 02 being the most played.
Also, this could have been asked on the general discussion thread on this section or the kof section.

Not to menion that your thread title suggest a vs thread which are against the rules of the site.

I don’t remember all the specific problems with 99 but in general it had less characters and was at best just a jank version of 98 anyways so you might as well just play 98.

Basically, there’s not much reason to play it because KOF 2000 is bigger, better and more broken.

On the plus side it had some legendary examples of pixel skill.





I agree with @Cronopio. While it’s not really bad per se, there’s really no reason to not just play 2000 instead if you like the 4 man Striker system. As for why 98 is preferred, it has a larger roster and is generally considered to be the pinnacle of the classic KoF formula. I do like 2002 a lot, though. Mainly because mai waifus Whip and Hinako are in it. Also, Nameless is hilariously broken.

For a long time i played 99 i liked it i still do but the game has lots of problems, i’ll just give my brief opinions on the good and the bad

The good

Graphics and sound, for me it’s one of and still is one of the best looking and sounding kofs it’s so colourful and vibrant and has the best ost out of any kof game to date.

Errrr now i’m struggling to find other good points, probably the fact it’s quite balanced to this day you’ll struggle to find a tier list everybody will agree on, so in some ways you gotta give it credit, most people say king jhun maybe clark.
Other than that i can’t really think of any other reason to play it over 98 because here comes the bad

The bad

Less characters, kof 98 has 47 including EX not including omega rugal kof 99 has 32 not including krizalid of that’s a lot of missing character’s
Not to mention quite a few of them were new because it was a new saga, K whip maxima jhun and so on.
And to some those new characters were kinda poopy or considering the ones that they replaced were popular like yash chris and so on, it was a mistake to kill off so many popular ones and replace them with ones that were kinda shitty, this is my own personal opinion

Crap system mechanics

wow where do i begin? 98’s system was pretty good it wasn’t perfect but it was ok, 99 threw it all out the window and went ham
Roll was replaced by a slide forward, which a lot of people did not like (i myself did not have a problem) but it was kinda hard to spot, you also had a slide attack which was kinda shitty because you couldn’t cancel it unless in max, if you slide forward and see an opening why the fuck would you do the slide attack and not punish them with a combo?
Roll back was replaced by a weird backdash foward dash which was pretty fucking useless, there wasn’t any invincibility in the backdash so you couldn’t even be cute and back roll to avoid a DP you’d get hit every time

Getting bar aka super was retarded in 99, you’d build meter way way way to fast, it wasn’t uncommon to have 3 full bars by the end of your first round, you had no access to sdms till you was almost dead, which was stupid.
But within the stupid meter system you had two new sub systems MAX and ARMOUR modes and these were completely fucked up, see max mode bao or armored chang, but all in all the meter system was bad


Strikers in 99 are fucking terrible bar one or two, most of them have bad bad bad start up which makes them a complete waste of time, some have effects which are borderline useless take takumas striker, it’s slow as fuck it does shit damage and you can’t even follow up after it, why would you pick it?
And that was 99’s striker systems problem you had a handful of decent ones and bagful of completely shit ones, even the good ones were handicapped with limitations to, namely your foe had to be standing on your toes, like clarks yuris you couldn’t use them as you please
I think lings was popular because it ate opponents super meter like fuck, but so what? you build meter so fast anyway


Kof 99 is one of the most glitchy games fighting games you’ll play, there’s lots of strange things things you’ll see and experience namely because it was a new system it wasn’t tested enough, but this was a different era before beta tests and online patches, but some of the weird stuff will make you laugh out loud, like the time kyo did sdm orochinagi and i walked up and threw him not a command throw a normal one, not on the start up when he was holding the flames for fuck sake
so you’ll see lots of weird and strange things, there’s a lot quite a few infinents, jhuns headstomp kensou corner gayness, and so on and so on

That’s just the actual system problems next comes the biggest problem in kof99

Character changes

This for me is 99’s biggest problem there’s so many things that just do not make sense, lets take ryo for example
In 98 he’s a good chracter he’s no daimon no chizuru no iori he’s just a good chracter and they nerfed the fuck out of him in 99, why?
standing B in 98 was good it wasn’t god like he was just a good poke in 99 they nerfed it lol his DP in 99 is fucking terrible the horizontal hitbox on it is dreadful, ranbu not being able to combo? WHY!!! none of them combo in 99 it makes no sense, ok if they were super fast and fully invincible or did MEGA damage i could see that as a viable trade off but they were not you’d see ryo get hit out of his ranbus so many times in 99 and then you couple that with it dont combo, then you negate the move to useless and in 99 there’s so so so so many supers that got nerfed to fuck for no reason

But ryo’s qcfx2+P no longer combos, and does big damage on counterhit, WOW i mean do you know how hard that is to actually land in those specific conditions, especially with no invincibility and slower start up? you’re gonna have to have the planets aligned and it to be a leap year and a full solar eclipse for that shit to happen.

ryos low jump D why change it? was it god like? no in 98 it wasn’t even that good in 99 they nerfed the fuck out of a move that was not even that great, ryo’s QCB+P in 98 it was a half decent combo tool, in 99 it dont combo has no auto guard has no follow ups it’s just a poop move

Hoah shokoken does not even connect in combos, ok that’s fine, but either make it super slow like a zoning tool or make it super fast so you can punish shit, but it dont do either it’s just there just another bad move.

And that’s just ryo! i could go on obviously some were a bit better like king and clark choi maybe kensou and mai but for the most part there was lots of weird and strange changes that made little or no sense.

There’s no reason to play 99 over 2000 or 98, 99 kinda reminds me of kof12 it feels like an experiment
If you aint played 98 they go play it, play ryo in 98 and then 99 or blue mary in 98 then 99 and then you’ll see the problems 99 has

I didn’t really give the problems with max mode, but i will briefly go over them, when you max you are able to super cancel as you may know or not, i think only certain moves super cancel so for ryo it’s his DP and maybe his QCB+P (i think, my memory is quite hazey)
Which is fine but for some reason snk didn’t actually test what could be and more importantly could NOT be done in max mode, ryo for example can’t even do standing HP > DP > super cancel ranbu, hell he can’t even do DP ranbu because the ranbu start up is too slow lol!

for some strange reason snk decided play around with the start ups with supers in max mode, so what it led to is a case of the haves and have nots
So the haves are those that are good in max mode, like kyo for example who is mega busted because his super cancels and damage are so broken

So in max kyo can do down LK LP hcb+LK (super cancel first hit) into QCFX2+p super, this is so fucking good because it’s a super easy confirm and does major major damage, the longer you can hold the super the more damage it does it’s almost like a sort of just frame in that if you hold it to long you fuck it up because it wont connect because youve prolonged the start up, but you hold it for the right amount of time you get a damage boost of around 10 15% from a normal dm in a piss easy confirm, you’re looking at around 65% off of a lk

And then on the have nots you have joe, in which none of his supers connect because all the start ups on them were increased in max mode for some strange reason, so no tiger kick screw upper or his ranbu, nothing no super cancels into anything max mode for joe is completely pointless

some things I liked about 99:

  • new characters (and a returning one, Kasumi)
  • new moves (wished they didn’t remove Kyo’s 236236P and Iori’s 236236K, at least Clark maintained his [4]6P 623P in 2002 UM; also, King :3 and Leona)
  • iirc, dodge attack (don’t know the official name for it) can be linked into a combo (did it with Ralf once, dodge attack into 2C into 2141236K)
  • backwards dodge helps grapplers (and King :3), especially when close to your own corner, and could be special cancelled (before forward stepping), for example, backward dodge into Iori’s fireball or Clark’s throw whiff (which recovers fast enough)
  • Yuri striker into Galactica Phantom DM :3
  • Mounted Vulcan Punch DM/SDM into Ryo striker into Argentine Back Breaker :3
  • counter mode allowed projectile super cancels (so you had Iori’s 236P into 236236K)
  • the last game of the series, iirc (don’t know about the MI series), where all DMs have SDM versions
  • nice backgrounds and ost
  • guard cancel CD not doing damage
  • nice OTGs (Takuma’s and Kyo-1’s)

stuff I didn’t like about 99:

  • armor mode wasn’t much helpful (in contrast to 2000, which was really dumb), ended way too early and didn’t have much benefits that justify 3 meters
  • Kensou infinite (Jhun’s not a true infinite, since Jhun’s opponent is juggled higher than Jhun, so in order to get a lot of hits, Jhun’s j2B (iirc) has to be as close to the opponent’s vertical hurtbox as possible (preferably, against tall opponents and needs either a counter starter or the sweep – 5C, iirc – during one of his two stances)
  • Kensou’s infinite blockstring (normal into 623P loops into itself, requires the opponent to do a guard cancel)
  • Choi’s 6A (guard crush or hit) into ranbu DM (SDM and DM during Counter Mode won’t combo)
  • Jhun’s 5CD (comparable to 96’s Mature’s CD), too fast, very good hitbox, no apparent risk since it has a high blockstun (like CD attacks do) without the usual CD attack’s recovery
  • Leona’s new DM doing way more damage on few characters
  • lack of old characters

I think that, besides game-specific stuff from KoF 99 (rolls, counter/armor modes, projectile super cancels), 2002UM covers 99’s character roster (keeping stuff that wasn’t present in vanilla 2002, such as Clark’s [4]6P), while 98UM covers the old characters (while adding missing characters from 96 and 95), maybe the exclusive good stuff from KoF 99 doesn’t outweigh (in the eyes of people who like 98UM and/or 2002UM) the character roster (or the gameplay style from these games, which don’t have strikers).

it was completely broken, and strikers should never come back in KOF.

Should differentiate between vanilla and UM. They are very different games no?

2000 is better, even 2k1 is more fun to play.

99 was lackluster, I think kof 99 should had been moved to the neo geo 64 instead to take advantage of the more powerful hardware. That is if the 64 hadn’t been a complete failure

There was a Dreamcast and PC port with 3D graphics backgrounds

Strikers broke the game for 99, thats why I lot of people didnt like it, didnt help they tried to bring them back in 2003, though 2003 sucked, Duo Lon pretty much broke the game. And everyone went back to 2002.

there was a tournament for 2003 and every single person used Dou Lon

I thought that between KOF 99,2000,2001 that 99 was the most honest and complete iteration of the series before 2002.

Moving to the KOF forum…


'99’s roll mechanic was the biggest problem of the game.

As much as I have fond memories of the game, nowadays I don’t think I could play it again because of the horrible roll mechanics. It’s just like a nightmare.

yeah 99 was first kof i bought i couldnt find kof 97 so i settled and i hatedddd it stages everything just felt bland music ect

I can’t believe somebody compared KoF 99 to the Korean bootleg that was 2001. KoF 99 failed in several respects:

  1. Strikers and infinites changing the game
  2. Kyo and Iori notably missing from arcade release outside of cheats
  3. Quick Dodge having awkward invincibility frames to made it hard to utilize
  4. Weird changes to character movesets
  5. Glitches that would make a character freeze in midair or cause the game to reboot

However, the stage design was glorious.

P.S. KoF 2000 minus the strikers was the best KoF of the Nest Saga and SNK’s last KoF game. 2002 feels comparatively incomplete and lacking in certain respects as a result of Eolith’s purchase of the franchise.

Only thing good about 99 was the OST/AST, and as mentioned above, the stages were very well crafted.

Depending for who roll mechanic was a problem.

1.Sorry but in kof 2001 there’re too much inifintes combos and who’re very easy to do moreover : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH50dw6ntmM. Moreover strikers in kof 2000 are just too good (you cannot even serenely whiff punish a dragon punch in kof 2k).
4. the Movesets change to evolve the character that’s all/
5.There’re also these glitches in others kofs.

  • If armor mode wasn’t much helpful, top players like Furong Wang for example wouldn’t use this mode on Iori, Benimaru, Chang, Ryo etc…
    -There’re also infinites combos on others kof and even more than in kof 99…
    -It’s true that Choi with Guard Crush can be very annoying but he isn’t even considered like top tier character in kof 99…
    -There’re very good cd in others kof also. And even with his CD, Jhun isn’t either considered like a top tier character in kof 99 (he’s considered like up mid tier).
    After yes Kensou is overpowered in kof 99 (he’s even considered like god tier in china).