KoF 98 or moved on?

Are you still a fan of 98 or if you have moved on, what do you play now?

I was never a fan of KOF '98.

Actually playing Xuan Dou Zhi Wang.

I got into fighting games a year ago and really really love KOF 98, the graphics, the characters, Mai’s moves that she doesnt have anymore in newer games, CHIZURU! Freakin awesome game, hopes the guy who runs the room at Ushicon brings his AES again this year and I can play it on a real NEO GEO stick.


still a playa

There is really no replacement for KoF '98. No other 2D fighter offers the playstyle variety and gameplay quality that it does in a single package.

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Other than R-2, KoF '98 is my favorite King of Fighters game. It has a good amount of variety, challenge, and is overall just a fun game to play. However, the only KoF related games I’ve actually played are '98, R-2, SVC Chaos, and SVC Millennium Battle, so I may be biased. (I’m still wondering what the translators for SVC Chaos were thinking though.)

I always play kof 98 but i amn’t a fan (i amn’t a fan of fighting games).
I am above all a fps games player actually (Counter Strike, Call Of Duty, Urban Terror etc)

There’re more of 60 2D fighting games in the world. No one can say what’s the best 2D fighting game all time (No one played all the 60 2D games i guess)…

Games like kof 98, kof 2002, ssf2x Turbo, Garou Motw etc are especially very popular cause created by big companies.

I have played more than 60 and I am telling you that it’s the bomb. This amount of quality content cannot be found anywhere else as far as 2D fighters are concerned.

I have both King of Fighters '98 and 2001 installed on my Nintendo Switch.