kof 97

china loves this game its so big there and yet i dont see any online tutorials or strat guides at allfor it i wonder why its hard t get into games with no info out there cause when playing on fightcade guys are at a high level already

The King of Fighters ’97 Global Match is coming to PS4, PS Vita and PC this spring.

I personally never liked this game. People would defend it by saying other KoF games have broken shit, but this game has its share of infinites, easy loops, and death combos for its high and top tier characters. Here is a tier list:

SS - O. Iori, O. Leona <-- Banned
__________________________________________________ (tournament legal characters below this line)
S - Iori, Benimaru, Terry, O. Chris, Kyo, Daimon, Mary
A - Robert, Yamazaki, Joe, Ralf, Clark, O. Yashiro, O. Shermie
__________________________________________________ (viable characters above this line)
B - Mai, Ryo, Chang, Choi, Athena, Kensou, Leona, Kyo 94
C - Yuri, Shingo, Chizuru, Kim, Chin, Yashiro, Chris, Andy
D - Shermie, Billy, King

Source: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/The_King_of_Fighters_'97

P.S. I am more of a Fatal Fury: Real Bout player, so take my opinions on KoF with a grain of salt.

I’ll you this much, chang and choi should be in or near the top tier

Srk wiki tier lists can be wack as fuck, have you seen the real bout 1 tier list? duck king bottom? yamazaki low? lol

97 has a lot of good chracters who can win matches, obviously yeah some dont have the retarded shit like terry yamazaki beni but they are still good, too good to be seen as unviable

Its probably outdated, but as I said before I didn’t get too deep into KoF '97 because of the imbalance. Real Bout 1’s tier list is also not perfect. Personally I would place the characters in this manner:

Top - Geese Howard, Kim Kaphwan, Billy Kane, Franco Bash
Mid - Sokaku, Mai, Terry, Chonrei, Yamazaki, Andy, Blue Mary, Joe
Bottom - Duck King, Hon Fu, Chonshu
Trash - Bob

yeah they found out choi nc hang r really good iv seen crazy good changs dude and chois his ball is just murder

I play it for fun here and there but I prefer 98. The movement seems kinda slow and muddy in 97. Also bs galore with the infinites when ppl get salty. I’d say without infinites and bugs the top tier would be Chiz, Chang, Iori. I think it’s still the most popular in China…but outside of that it’s not played at a super high level in other countries. Best way of learning is to watch matches of the top Chinese players like Fujian Kyo, Hui Hui, Hechi VR, Ye Feng, Bao Wang…as far as competitive play the rules and the fundamentals are same as 98.

I think 97 suffers a bit from slowdown issues at times

the slowdowns happen when an animation is happening like o Chris hcb d ect not when theres movement going on so its fine by me

97 is fun cuz everything does big ass damage and combos are way easier.

The bouts of slowdown are no bueno tho.

The best thing about 97 tho is obviously this brilliant line of dialogue -

I hope the Global Match port is good and has some extra goodies added.