KOF 95 hidden gem?

I recently got into this game, and I think it may be my favorite of the Neo Geo era of KOF. Even though I really enjoy 98 and 2K2, my biggest complaint with those games and the KOF’s from 96 to 2K2 is the poor controls. I may be in a minority, but I have read that others on here agree with this issue. 98 In particular has very stiff controls, there have been numerous times where a simple :qcf: attack or a :dp: refuses to come out and costing me the match. 2K2 has better controls, but it’s not so much as stiff as it is ‘picky.’ For example, to do a basic 3-4 hit combo, your timing has to be exact, there is zero room for fucking up. The game is very specific, if you hit down, downback, and punch, Iori’s recka punch will refuse to come out. It will only come out if you do the full qcb motion and hit A or B just as you hit back. Keep in mind that I’ve used a Joystick and Controller, and the issues persist. I don’t have these problems in Last Blade 2, Garou, or SF3, not by a long shot.

95 has very smooth controls, if you fail, you just suck, you can’t blame the controller. Even thought it doesn’t have as many characters, and lacks short hops. It just has that ‘feel’ and attention to detail that pulls you in. To be honest; the game truly feels like SNK’s take on Super Turbo. It’s hard to describe, but it has a similar vibe and really appeals to the fans of the older fighters.

Check it out.

KOF95 is still my fave KOF. Sure the damage is obscene, but the stages, characters and controls are all win for me.

Music was top notch!

that game was good, music, background, strong cast, control, but the damage is way too high.

I have said it many times but for me,

playing neo geo 98,2k2 with a sanwa stick is impossible. it has to be happ or nothing

the ps2 ports are different story though

95 to me it’s too fast…i stick with 94 (also because there is no iori in that one…yeah!) XD

Korea stage music is amazing in 95.

I told people that KOF95 was just badass.

Sounds like I’m passing on this one.

no please dont we all care a lot whether or not you play this game

It’s nice to know that you care Dandy. What would I ever do without your thoughts? My life has so much more meaning since you have entered it.

Try beating arcade mode on the hardest difficulty. You won’t like '95 anymore.

'95, SNK AI at its best/worst (well, KOF AI at least, AoF2 is still more painful to play alone). Being unable to play multiplayer has really made me unable appreciate this game.

Yeah, even if it’s in MAX mode, stuff like a simple C->qcb+Cx3 from Iori doing 75% is just ridiculous.

the first great kof. the last and best old school 2d fighter (when graphics changed form old school ugly to good lookin alpha, lb, vh, kof96 shit & onwards typa shit).

overall 95 was a good game, old school style to the maximum level, that game has depth too.
good mind game, nice gameplay speed, and nice high low projectile avoider using special move (terry,joe qcb k will beat ground base projectile, iori dm beat mid projectile, etc).

what kind of comeback is that? you just copied what i did

I was bored.

the system wasn’t that deep… but my favorite was the sounds… lol… i loved the block/hit effect sounds… that was awesome… and character select screen music was sick too… and and haoh sho ko kens sounded great… so was the fireballs… kyo’s dm when he held and released it… clark’s grab and dm… oh and pretty much everything heidern did sounded like win… specially when he flew and did that helicopter spin… but my favorite would have to be the introduction “laru vases clalk” lmao…

i just played a bit on level 1…damn maybe i suck but this game is hard as hell!
kof94 at level 1 is ok, but 95 is too much for me (i play heidern,clark,ralf mainly).
also when i play against humans on 2df i dont like the game… if someone choose iori or kyo there is no match (at least for me), the damage is way too high
i dont suck on 94 (i use the brasilian team there or the korean or the meixcan) but can’t play 95 at all :wtf:

KOF 95=Classic in my book

The only thing entertaining about KOF 95 gameplay is that all the hits sound like somebody getting slapped in the face with a dick.