KoF 2k2

I’m trying to get into KoF 2k2 (or really any kof, but I find 2k2 to be more fun, if I’m wrong please PM with the more played Kof that I should learn to play in, 2df preferably if it’s an online suggestion.)

Anyway, I got down the whole roll, short jump stuff, but other than that I’m almost completely green.

Apparently I put up the most fight with Yuri; no combos, but do frantic fast most damage. I was considering learning Leona and Mature or Vice as well. (I used to be pretty handy with Vice , but I forgot the throw chains, so she’s useless right now)

So then in a broader spectrum, how does the combo system go down in this? I’ve noticed the supers have almost 1 frame invincibility and not much else, which is way lower than I’m used to. (Street Fighter fanboy here).

…educate me fine people!

I know that to most people on SRK, that Gamefaqs is forbidden, but they actually do have good info on fighting games half the time (no, really!)

There’s a great movelist down there and a extensive combo FAQ down there. I’ve been meaning to get into the game as well and this a great place to start.

I have a question, though - Since Neowave is essentially a remake of KOF 02, doesn’t that mean combos and strats learned in that game will work in Neowave?

did you check the srk wiki yet?

thats right. but also, they did change a few character specific stuff and bugs were fixed.

Anybody have a tier list? Some match vids?

No they don’t! Only the gamefaqs forum is forbidden by most SRKers. Everything else is good, I think there was a thread on this but I’m not sure.

there’s a tier list on the wiki but its old and not really relevant anymore.

must-watch individual match vids:


some match vid uploaders:

http://www.youtube.com/user/heavydavid (khannibal’s yt account. has mexican vids)
http://www.youtube.com/user/yashirosuper (mexico)
http://www.youtube.com/user/piwhip (mexico)
http://www.youtube.com/user/josespv2003 (mexico)
http://www.youtube.com/Nicotine1220 (hong kong)
http://www.youtube.com/user/takuma3344 (taiwan)
http://www.youtube.com/user/hiuhiulop (taiwan)
http://www.youtube.com/user/AmusementStagePOPY (japan)
http://www.youtube.com/user/Emillll (vids from all over, may have to sift through though)

hope this helps

The uploader is from Taiwan but the matches are Japanese.

If you want an ass-whooping, find me on 2df.


You’re the one that showed me the few Vice chains I knew…what like a year ago?

I’ll be sure to watch those vids.

Also, I’m a keyboard player, and I used an emulated style of Street Fighter buttons to play. (YU are punches and HJ are kicks). Should I use the four button spread for this game, cause it seems to be iffy using the way I have it now.

SRK Wiki? …?..I’ll look into it.

If I remember correctly it was Choi, Billy, Athena at top 3. Game is pretty balanced I’ll have to admit though.

Athena’s top tier? Why? I can understand Billy (long range pokes, etc.) and Choi (the hit-and-run game is boss; he’s powerful too), but Athena?

I want to know about Athena as well. How is she powerful in 2002? And how is she not having the same problems she always had?

Fireballs recover much faster than before…improve normals in many ways, improved f+B over the other games. Crystal bit is invincible at startup, her best anti-air. It’s too hard to get in most of the time.

A good place to start that no ones mentioned yet is what kind of playstyle are you looking to play?

I was wondering, is there any good website/forum dedicated to king of fighters (and in particular, game strategy), apart from shoryuken that seems capcom-centric? I.e. it seems snk fans don’t gather here, apart from few exceptions.

And, is there a detailed tier list somewhere, like the one in the kof98 thread? Apart from Athena Billy Choi being top. Are Angel and MayLee considered high tier?

Interesting… Thanks.

The SRK equivalent for SNK games is http://cyberfanatix.com/forums.php?PHPSESSID=178e59ab61d60ea1a59cccb129871e2f

Every KOF game is covered there. There are many threads on each character.

You can also check out http://orochinagi.com. Although it seems to be less used than cyberfanatix.

Angel is so godlike <3

well most asian tier lists have ABC at the very top, while most other regions put may lee and angel at the top, with ABC below them. i think the reason for this is because japan didn’t play it as hardcore and didn’t get around to really exposing the meat of angel and may lee’s gameplay.

I think it’s the whole learning curve that Angel and May Lee have that makes them not too high up. Granted getting locked down by Angel is complete utter BS, it takes a lot of work.

uh, learning curve shouldn’t factor into tier lists. they are based on tourney results and maybe matchup data (which is harder to obtain since this is a team game). its simple; angel and maylee weren’t winning tournaments because people didn’t know how to play them back then. a lot of their shit was discovered in other territories after japan released that tier list.