KOF 2k2/NW Q-Property of Backthrows?

This is for experts primarily unless someone else can answer it…I was just curious what you have noticed on the property of backthrows in KOF-for example, a throw that makes them wake up BT in KOF, if you have Iori(for example after the BT) does that guarantee a free jumping b+b ambiguous double crossup? I have been experimenting with this stuff but was curious to see what everyone else discovered as well…

And I’ve noticed the CPU wakeup BT GUARD AT TIMES…but is that really accurate? no KOF has record and test mode so I ask…

I think i know what you’re talking about, and yes it’s pretty weird. I have never been able to test these though. It seems that after a throw that turns them backwards, hitting them on wakeup makes them stay turned backwards…as if they didn’t even have a chance to turn around. Yet I’ve never had problems blocking things from those throws when they were done to me…

Okay I get that what you say and more confirmed what I thought, however what about this to get even further into it lets say I do a D throw that makes the opponet wake up BT, if they do that, then what if I have someone that has a command grab and they stand up on wakeup, if I do that when they wake up BT can they escape it?

Also by that token would 'Alternating Defense" work against this since they are still facing backwards? (AD is HOW THE CPU BLOCKS EVERYTHING IN PRACTICE MODE AND YOU CANNOT THROW IT AT ALL)

There is no way to always land a throw on opponent waking up anyways, so I don’t see why it would work when they wake up backwards. You can always avoid a command throw by jumping out, although it’s not wise of course, since there is frame delay on a jump that makes you vulnerable to ground attacks (meaning they can still ground combo you).

I don’t know much about alternating defense…seems risky to attempt it. You’re talking about pressing stand and crouch block rapidly, to avoid throws right?

Yeah I figured jumping out to avoid command throws on wakeup was not guaranteed, and I know about the one frame delay, which sets up a mindgame on wakeup…they will sit there and crouch(Command throw), either do a move to counter what you do on wakeup (block and punish) jump, (AA or mid jump animation ground combo) Which would make the whole thing a guessing game for your opponent on wakeup, and if they roll on wakeup you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT.=)

Yes Alter Def is when you pressing cr. block repeatedly.

Thanks Emil for fielding my qs…you are like the only one…:pleased:

Man you should come on up to the DTX tourney!!