KOF 2003 discussion

Yo, this is my first post in this forum. To make a long story short, my friends have been playing it for a good while now while I haven’t touched it in years, so I got my ass handed down to me. I’m interested in learning pretty much anything that can help me beat them, though I’d like to focus on the characters they use:

Athena: keeps teleporting and using Psycho Sword, or tries to surprise with that meteor thing. Uses that damn shield far too often to counter projectiles and sometimes it’s also useful to stop my attacks. terrible.

Kim: also terrible. Keeps using :d::k: in air to come down kicking, then uses :qcb:+:k: for pressure or that one move that each successive input (IIRC :hcf:+:p:) goes for a different kick, 3 times and the last one has 2 kicks. Likes using that super that kicks you high in the air to combo other stuff.

Joe: uses the sequence of punchs mixing it up with high or low to poke, uses his hurricanes for chip damage mostly. Tiger kicks at times, has some great timing dodging and then using the hurricane super.

Terry: Gets out of attacks and uses “ARE YOU OKAY? BUSTA WOLF” a lot. He’s also good using :dp:+:k:, or cornering with power charge.

Ryo: his overhead punch, IIRC :dp:+:k: and his :hcb:+:p: were troublesome. I couldn’t counter properly after the latter, and the former was somewhat of an annoyiance against projectiles. :qcf:+:p: seemed to get through quite a lot of attacks.

The dude wearing the bird mask: grabs a lot, too much damage. There’s an attack he grabs and spins in the air like Zangief’s SF2 move that’s really annoying, and also the attack where he jumps in the air and falls.

I also didn’t get to see much of Chang, Blue Mary or K’, but I know they’re using them.

I used to play with Shen, Kyo, Terry, Ryo, Yori, Shingo, Kim, Yuri and King, being a scrub like me friends are right now. This last time we played I could only play decently with Yori, though Shingo wasn’t so bad. The rest were terrible though.

Anyway, I’d like to know if there’s a team I can use to counter all of those characters and how, giving priority to the characters I used to play. A good character to counter Kyo would be appreciated too.

We’re also playing the arcade version, which means public humiliation and the winner getting all the chicks.

Pick Duo Lon and make them cry

Duolon and/or Daimon, prob solved (more so Duolon). :looney:

Double d duolon/daimon

pick mukai and petrify that bitch

Reckless fire jump on 2df and get some online practice. If you live near USA I’ll teach you Malin! :cool: (should take about 5mins :lol:)
She pretty much counters all those guy you listed,she might have a lil trouble vs Ryo but thats if you don’t turtle enough!

DL pretty much counters every1,grapplers I think have inescapable throw traps also?

Tizoc and just peck the fuck outta them.