KOF 2002 Unlimited Match: lets fight

If you are interested in playing KOF 2002 UM on Xbox live post you gamertag, region and time your usually available to play in this thread. I will try to arrange it so we can making finding matches easier :china:


did they fix the netycode issues?
I have it but it was unplayable all the times I tried it

ive been on a fighting game frenzy lately… im looking to add more titles… interested in this. generally how is the community and gameplay in KOF2002UM? is it still active ? dead? do you get to fight diverse opponents (as opposed to just some top tiers all the time) ? how does it handle lag? like does it slowdown or do the characters magically teleport (like SF2HD)

Just got the game. Looking for some players.
XBL: kakashi3000

It has a community, all be it a small one. I see more mexican, japanese and french players then anything of late, but I do see some people from the states. The player knowledge varies so you can find a lot of people who are not going to beat your brains in as soon as you step up. People use a lot of different characters, but there are always the favorites being used.

The lag is bad, but not as bad as some of the older SNK/Playmore titles. If you get semi local (same country or next one over) it hasn’t been too bad for me. This game does a nice job of buffering so you can work around lag a little better. No teleporting, netcode has totally separate problems (one sided lag, herky jerky motions, dropped moves).

I’d pick this up personally, but a lot of people prefer the netcode of neo geo battle coliseum. Good luck with whatever you play.

Man I picked this game up day 1 and haven’t even played online. I really wanted to get into the KOF series too. Oh well, add my gamertag on the right. I wanna try and play it a little bit before the new MK drops.

Yeah online’s rough for me since I find I keep getting matched against pros.

I’m up for fighting (new) players to get the hang of this game, so holler at me if you’re down for some KOF.

You might want to try to look for more foreign players then. Most of the U.S. players are pretty good, but I run into Japanese and French who are still learning. It’s all in what time to try to get them games in.

I never find matches online
I have yet to play this online :rofl:

There is a guy on my XBOX live friend list who plays UM pretty regularly and he’s damn good too.
His gamertag is delfintnz2.
Add him to your friend list, im sure he’d be happy to have matches with you.

You can add me too. I havent played it since MVC3 came out, but if you send me an invite Ill play it

I’m an old-school SNK fan who has KOF 2002UM, Garou, and Battle Coliseum. Feel free to add NWSW on XBL.

I have Garou and KOF2k2UM

XxHennersXx on XBL, I’m on fairly often but sometimes also play GGPO and my Wii for fighters so add me on MSN or AIM too so I can pop on :smiley:

Oh man sorry
I didnt know anyone answered
I’ll add you guys
I play MVC3 regullary too, so I guess we’ll get some games in that too.

sounds good man, Im on Mon- Wed mostly. I work ALL day sat and sun

OK, guys, my tag name is fasic, I used to play kofneowave madly back in the day. I will have my new xbox 360 on june 25( I stop playing, but you cant fight your addiction, gamer forever). I will be on kof 2002 um, kof 98 um and kof neowave. if you need a player hit me up. my network will be good! 50 mg/s download 15mg/s up load. so if you have a good connection, we have no excuse:rock:

I love kof series, got both the 2002 and 98 um, so add Nahos note if you want a match i usually play weekends all day long, see you there!!!

I’m down for some 98, 02, or 13. Relatively new to online fighters, looking to practice. xbl is indespise.