KOF 2002/2003 Beginners Help

I just picked up it yesterday, had a 40 dollars trade in from Gamestop so I figured wtf. Now I own alot of KOF’s but I dont really know how to play any of them that well. I started KOF 2003 and yeah I suck, I just never could get how the KOF system worked myself. I started playing Malin since she looks the the most interesting character in there(I dont care about tiers right now) and of course Terry. So if anyone can help me at all with any shit I should know coming into this game, it would be a big help. I know this is very vague but yeah right now I couldnt kick my own ass.

First thing, get Kao Megura’s FAQ/Movelist. It explains so goddamn much it would be retarded not to use it when you’re learning.

The thing that (in my opinion) separates KoF games from SF games (and SNK and Capcom games, respectively) is the roll.

This little mechanism allows you to travel without actually walk/running and to go through slow ass attacks or just surprise your opponent.

The roll works both against and towards rush down. KoF games are generally all about rush down and confusing the shit out of your opponent with non stop attacks. When one actually connects is when you do snazzy combos. Another thing KoF is about. If you’ll notice, almost all of the characters can connect a follow up normal from another standing normal and end it with a special move or a super attack. The roll works against rushdown cause if your rushdown sucks hard ass, people are going to roll right through it :tdown:

Oh, an opponent can be thrown out of a roll, so get some cat like reflexes and whenever you see the opponent roll right beside you, throw that shit around.

I’ve heard Malin is a beast. Super fast, super high priority.

I would recommend practising combos (and the links I described above), then seeking some decent competition when you think you’ve gotten the hang of it.

Get used to fighting lots of duo lons lots of k’s and daimons

In 2003 there’s a couple of things to remember that differ from previous kof games

  1. the roll is not as good as other kof games, personally i find it to be like the 96 roll very ineffective IMO, Remember
    you are vunerable after the intial invinceable frames which means eating damage

  2. comboing off of a jump in is a bit harder in 2k3

  3. Jump in attcks into command grabs now is legit AKA like 94 96 97 oh and 95

  4. Jumping attcks into normal throws is legit

first step - dont play 2k3
2nd step terry owns in 2k2 so play him
3rd rush that shit down and check out the kof strategy thread in other games section

if you play 2k3 without duolon on your team you lose and i mean that literally

You’d be the first to say that.

Duo Lon is a beast is 2k3. Kao Magura’s faq is pretty good. Also, If you learn Malin then play her like Choi, attack with her aerial stuff and keep away! Duo Lon is pretty damn broken!! Also, for 2002, MASTER THOSE CD ATTACKS!(They are in 2k2, NOT 2k3) Some of those have insane priority and also master KARA-Canceling…it works great for mindgames and setups. (This means Kara-Overhead, Kara-CD, etc. etc.) Also, Geese rapes for free in that game (SVC Geese anyone?? HAHAHA) Orochinagi Forums would also be a good conterpart place where you could get more info. If you got some more q’s if I can answer them then just Email me and I’ll do my best to help you out man!

Dark Geese is right about C+D attacks in 2k2. They have to be incorporated into your game especially for characters like Ryo, who has the best one. Takuma’s is also good, comes out quick, and follow up move on counter takes damage if followed up by hcb+ D. Iori’s CD is also not bad.

Also about CD attacks. You can also do them in the air. This is my fav type of air attack. And also, if you land a CD attack and it counters you can follow up an attack of your choice. Can even be standing C or D. This applies if you land a CD counter hit in the air as well.

The other day I hit a CD in air saw the counter on screen and did Ryo’s qcfx2 A+C Hidden Super DM for a bad ass 2-Hit(was already in BC mode to be able to do this). I think HSDM’s are called ‘ultimate DOA’ or something on PS2 movelist.

Perhaps the best thing you could do to learn how to play kof 2k2 or 2k3 right and be able to eventually play it comepetively is to watch match videos, and play people who are seasoned in the games, and of course to read up and FOLLOW character FAQs.

Google Orochinagi. It’s a FG site like this, and they have a LOT of kof 2k2 and some 2k3 matches or just check the goforbroke2 hub on DC++.

I am often in there sharing lots of match videos.

Another very important thing about KOF. There are like 8 types of jumps in kof. You will need to use fast versions in all directions to really be able to defeat players. Each character has a most likely to hit air move so figure them out by watching other players and match vidoes.

Let us know what else you need help with or if u need clarifying on whatever has been covered so far.

Yes, to add onto what Violent Ryo says, CD attacks are great. ONe of the main threads in KOF 2k2 at ON forums is “How do I stop Chris’s CD attack.” Yes they can be vicious if used properly. Use that and bait your counterhit setups in the air, mix all this together with BC activation MAXMODE cancel and overheads, Karas, Short jump mindgames, and other things and you got a solid game. Who do you use in particular if I may ask? If he or she is on my list…I can lend my info on that particular character without a doubt. If anything I’m saying you dont understand just let me know…I’ll be more than happy to clarify it for you.

I also have more people that couldnt make it on my list…like Terry, Ryo and others…but just let me or Violent Ryo know…we’ll do our best to help you out.

Better than Chris’?

Gotta disagree.

Chris has the best CD air attack in the game, no doubt at all about that, I was referring to CD attacks on the ground tho.

And the thread starter hasnt posted once in the thread…u wanna learn kof or what?

What about Shermie’s? Or even K’s?

How would those stack up in your opinion, and from what you’ve seen in some match vids and stuff like that?

chris is teh sex.
Also, co-sign with the don’t play 2k3 post from above. Shit is, well shit. Anything or anyone that plays anything running on svc engine needs to “get yourself shot”.

Shermie’s is pretty damn good as well.

My K’ CD air attacks have been stuffed plenty of times tho, other than that, I do like it since if you hit it as counter u can follow up with hcb+D which is fun to do.

I said it before, I hate kof 2003 on Neo Geo, however a lot of things were improved for ps2 version to make it one of my fav KOFs ever.

Heh, all this KoF2k3 hate is amusing.

Also, I thought 2k3 came before SvC, so wouldn’t that make it the 2k3 engine? I could be wrong, either way 2k3 uses it a LOT better. It’s a lot faster and less clunky.


Where to begin?

  1. 2k3 is pretty bad. Duolon is stupidly powerful, throws are stupidly powerful, and the game itself is too loose… and SvC came first. 2k3 has SvC’s garbage engine and awful hit f/x.

  2. Ryo’s ground CD isn’t even among the top 5 in 2k2.

  3. There’s a wealth of information on 2k2 in previous threads if you’re willing to do the research.

Even if the original poster doesn’t come back, keep up with the info, please.

I was about to make a thread like this, as I’m considering picking up KoF 02/03 but my only real experience with 2D fighters is 3S. Is it going to be a rough ride training myself away from that? It sounds like the KOF games are about crazy combos, and I was not very good those in 3S(then again, the only really crazy combos were in the corner, and I played as Elena, who has about 1 combo to her name, aha)