Kof 2001

Does anyone know where I can find a working cab for kof 2001 in NY. Chinatown fair doesnt have one. I don’t know anywhere else i could go.

Why not play on your computer? or a home console? You got an arcade stick right?

nope no arcade stick yet. I just ordered the ps3 TE. Thought that needed to be modded to work on my PC. I am using win 7. Plus in the arcade, you can play against people.

Oh okay :slight_smile:
Have you tried GGPO? SuperCade? or ArcLive!? You can play people on there, even though its not the same as playing someone LAG FREE at Home or the Arcade but, unfortunately thats all we(people who have NO local arcades to go to) got for now.

I miss the Arcade Days. I mean Arcade cabinets were every where 7/11(as well as other mini markets), Supermarkets, hell even swap meets. But yeah glad to hear you are getting a Stick. Also try the above online arcade sites to play people from all over who most likely don’t have an Arcade place to go to play… my self included.

Who the hell plays 2001?

in supercade i see a bunch of south american who is still play it along with some guys from turkey

I thought I saw 2001 in one of the SNK cabs last time I went to CTF(about 2 weeks ago). But yeah, chances are you won’t find any in NY nowadays with that game in it considering everyone would rather play 2k2 or 2000.

And speaking of which, I gotta make a trip to CTF again just to get some 2k2 in.

Why people don’t like 2k1 so much. I always loved that game. meh to each his own.

thank you I will look into this.

Yeah some on here don’t like KoF2003? But I do :wgrin:

Yeah those places are good alternatives if you don’t have close/local people to play with or who’s skills aren’t on par with your own.

Sad to say my skills are on par with the bottom of the barrel. Button mashers.