KoF 12 PSN Europe

Anyone play it in europe?
I wonna play some online without lag post european good ping

PSN nick

I live in France, My PSN nick is king__kong

PSN: DagV01

please let there be some matchmaking here. there are so few online matches hehe.



rising tackle!!!

why hello my fellow scandinav. ill add you to psn so we can spar some. I need to get in top shape for a tournament the 18.th.
Im a Kof n00b tho , but not a stranger to learning new fighting games.

I Have a question to anyone who might have insight on this matter.

for those of us who bought the Pal version for PS3. Do we allready have the patch ?
(did they include the patch in the pal version)

OR do we physically have to download the patch from somewere ?

i cant find it on any psn store. US or European.

I found myself having the same doubt after i bought my copy some days ago.

All the matches online play look like 1900’s slideshow movies. I rly hope i have to get the patch somewhere :lame:

anybody knows anything about this?

add me: cocobread

From london.