KOF 12 Online

I found KOF 12 at my pawn shop for 13 bucks and am thinking of picking it up but how has the netcode been since the patch? Did it iron out the kinks so to speak or is the netcode still mediocre?

The netcode in KOF12 is very finicky. I can play with someone on the East Coast and have worse lag than someone on the West Coast. It makes no sense.

Not the best, but it is better now.

When you find a decent match it flows pretty well actually, only problem is that it is going to take you about an hour of searching to find even a single player online and much longer than that to find a good connection.

no-one plays this game anymore anyway

Wrong subforum

^That. Those with access to XIII already moved on, as it’s essentially a more complete XII/what XII should have been.

You’re better off looking for KOF 2002/98 online matches on GGPO.

I got this for the PS3 on Friday and online was bad beyond belief, is it any better on Xbox Live, cause I can trade it in and get the Xbox version if it’ll make a difference.


GGPO, If you want to play KOF online.

If you want to play some KOF12 go to this page --> Calling all KOF fans! PSN KOF XII community revival!

See if you can join one of their online meet ups to get some games in.

It’s true that KOFXII is dead. Everyone has moved on to KOFXIII now.