KOF 02 MAtch

Here is some match’s from 2df playing kof 02…


Why did you post these…are you looking for critics? Because I can write a few pages about the bad habits displayed in these matches.

One thing I’d like to mention, why do so many people do whiffing CD into qcf+K(airchops) with Ryo. Do you even know what the purpose of the CD? The way you use it, you actually make the opponent ready for your qcf+K, when they see your CD they can just start buffering their counter and hit the attack button for their counter the moment they see you cancel the CD into qcf+K. That CD actually makes it EASIER for the opponent to counter your qcf+K.

Why do so many mexicans just roll right into the opponent? If you keep rolling in, that shows you don’t really know how to get in on the opponent and are severely lacking in the creativity department.

The air jump D into throw that Kpyppo kept trying to do is also retarded…I thought I made him stop doing it after I countered it over and over and over again but I guess he hasn’t learned yet.