Knee Shot linking

There was already a knee shot topic, but it didn’t cover my question, so here we go:

I’m a new Dee Jay player (he is my alt for Rose) and I can get the knee shot to connect pretty flawlessly and it’s an awesome tool for Dee Jay’s safejump game. I really struggle with linking his cr.LP to set up a combo from the knee shot; for some reason I can hardly ever hit the cr.LP link, let alone plink that into the cr.MP for the combo ender.

Could anyone advise me on the timing to link anything off the instant air knee shot? I’ve been playing for a year and never hit the training mode untill this Saturday. Should have done it earlier, my game has improved a ton over the last two days! The only things I really struggle with are Dee Jay’s link off his knee shot (hence this topic) and connecting his U2 off his EX Machine Gun Upper, but the latter just takes a LOT of grinding to get all the timing down…

Well first things first his kneeshot works more like a dive kick.

Much like other dive kicker’s (cammy, yun etc.) the closer towards their feet when you hit them the more advantage you’ll gain, I think its impossible to hit their feet with a kneeshot but hitting ryu’s elbow or arm is about +7 on hit (ofc if they are crouching you can hit a lower kneeshot.)

An instant kneeshot (hitting ryu’s head/ hair) is about +4 on hit so the following cr.lp is a tight link, I’d suggest going for Cl.lp (3 frame startup) into a crouching cr.lp if your having trouble. Also I’d get into the habit of using delayed kneeshots as they don’t whiff on crouchers leaving you open to be thrown.

Hope that helps.

It does, thanks! Have been watching a few of Heijoutei’s matches, who seems to be (ab)using the knee shot a lot, but he manages to link it into everything.

Would I be correct if I said it’s the spacing for the IA Knee Shot that’s more important than the input timing? So, a little further from the opponent to make sure it hits as low as possible?

Yes the spacing of the kneeshot will also help, but perfect spacing won’t make an instant kneeshot hit a crouching opponent.

Yeah, I think I got the picture with the Knee Shot: will start looking up safe-jump setups off throws and sweeps.
Let the opponent figure out if I’m going to cross him up or knee him between the eyes :wink:

If your knee shot hits the opponent on top of their head, I don’t believe you can link cr.lp after. If not impossible, the timing is very difficult. I’ll try this in the dojo later when I get a chance, but looking on youtube right now I can’t find any instances of people doing it, everybody just links close s.lp. Might also be worth trying this against balrog/hakan/rufus/gief/etc… since it’s probably even harder timing on them, if even possible.

If your knee shot is slightly further away and hits the opponent in the face rather than on top of their head, the link to cr.lp is much easier. Unless you’re really trying to hold that down charge, just do the close s.lp in these iffy situations.

Lastly, if you do an instant knee shot and feel like you’re going to whiff the crouching opponent, start crouch teching before you land.

Remember you’ll have more success connecting cr. LP from Knee Shot if your opponent is crouching. Since you’re most likely going to be catching them crouching most of the time, it might not be as hard as you think!

I haven’t really taken Dee Jay “live” yet, as he is a sort of secret project. Everybody knows I play Rose, but I couldn’t get her link combo’s down and I struggle in the Fei and Seth matchups. I was continually rotating alts, including Cammy, Ken, Juri, Honda and Dan.

I decided it might be wise to visit the Training Room after a year and I wanted two strict characters I could really use to some extent of their potential. Had been using Dee Jay in the past and I had some real fun with him after trying him again for an hour. So now it’s just dedicated “grind” with Rose and Dee Jay.

I’ll practice hitting the knee shot on a crouching dummy this weekend. Thanks for the advice!
Otherwise I’ll use the st.LP xxx cr.LP link, makes it easier to combo into EX MGU anyway :slight_smile:

Good to see another addition to the Dee Jay army!

Remember that if you do st. LP you lose your charge, so you’re going to need to hit cr. LP, cr. MP at least to get charge back for EX MGU, and that’s a tough link to start with.

If you really can’t get your head around the cr. LP, cr. LP combo, then just go for st. LP, cr. LP, st. MK xx HK Sobat (or LK Sobat for knockdown) combo, as that one is really easy and still deals decent damage.

You can also get people with cr lk since it comes out a frame late than cr l.p , it messes up ppls timing

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