Knee > Haoh Gadouken

Because it deserves it’s own thread :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll update it as I go along:

Juri: standing only possibly with the meatiest of meaty Knees, just grazing her own knee. Haven’t been able to combo into it other than that.
crouching: s.MP works, from jumping attacks (nj.HP, j.HK, j.HP) into s.MP need to be deepish otherwise won’t work.

Chun-Li: both standing and crouching only the meatiest Knees work.

Dhalsim: standing s.MP is possible but extremely tight, also meatiest Knee works.
crouching: nj.HP > s.MP xx Knee again possible but extremely tight and also meatiest Knee works.

Abel: standing: very meaty wake-up Knee works.
crouching: meaty Knee (doesn’t need to be too meaty), meaty wake-up Knee, “cross-up” Knee (have to input Ultra backwards but it works :rofl:), Gadouken FADC > s.MP xx Knee (very tight) works.

Viper: standing: meatiest Knee and very meaty wake-up Knee works.
crouching: meaty Knee, meaty wake-up Knee (pretty damn meaty but not overly)

Bison: standing: Gadouken FADC > s.MP xx Knee, deep nj.HP > s.MP xx Knee, meatiest Knee, meaty wake-up Knee works.
crouching: pretty much any naked Knee, s.MP xx Knee if it combos, nj.HP > s.MP xx Knee, meaty wake-up Knee works, “cross-up” Knee (Ultra motion backwards to work).

Sagat: standing: only meatiest meat lovers Knee and super tight link too.
crouching: only cross-up Knee, have to input motion backwards as you land on other side.

Cammy: standing: meat feast Knee and very meaty wake-up Knee.
crouching: any bare Knee, s.MP xx Knee, nj.HP > s.MP xx Knee, meaty wake-up Knee.

DeeJay: standing: only a huge HAM of a Knee.
crouching: bare Knee, s.MP xx Knee very tight link.

Cody: standing: super meat only.
crouching: any bare Knee, s.MP xx Knee not too tight.

Seems like you need to hit the Knee on the very last frames to be able to land the Ultra… :confused:

Good shit Sugami. I was thinking of making a new Dan combo thread soley because of this, but I guess I don’t have to.

Good to see this thread up.

I may be ordering one of those Keyboard-to-Controller XFPS input dongles for the 360 sometime, if that happens, I’ll snatch up Super SFIV in a heartbeat. Then I’d be able to actually contribute.

There’s a way or using a keyboard like a controller for 360? :wow:

Yes. It’s like $110, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would you use a keyboard?

Because he’s a PC player and most comfortable with it. I thought that was obvious? :stuck_out_tongue:

Grew up on emulators. I’d definitely make the jump to stick if SFIV wasn’t so goddamn easy to play with a keyboard. Shortcuts make things silly easy on the fingers. At this point, the work involved is just not worth it.

Updated with a couple more, not looking all that good ATM but at least it works pretty well on Ryu and Ken :tup:

Tried it on Sagat countering a Tiger Uppercut. Didn’t work for me.

you’re better off with “WSAD” with arcade buttons. Doing focus is seriously hard since the keys are so close to each other on the keyboard.

nj.knee > haoh works on some of the people i tested but i didn’t mention it because i didn’t make note of when it worked

also i’ll try to test the bottom row of characters later today and edit this post


bottom row of characters

Standing: cr.HP and j.MK xx s.MP
Crouching: nj.knee and s.MP

Standing: s.MP and nj.knee
Crouching: s.MP

Standing: j.MK xx s.MP and farthest possible distance ground knee will hit
Crouching: farthest possible distance ground knee will hit
note: i couldn’t get U2 to land consistently

Standing: farthest possible distance ground knee will hit
Crouching: s.MP

Standing: s.MP/s.HP/cr.HP/nj.knee
Crouching: s.MP

Standing: cr.HP/s.HP/nj.HP and j.MK xx s.MP
Crouching: s.MP/cr.HP/nj.knee (in this instance i couldn’t land U2 consistently after nj.knee)

Standing: farthest possible distance ground knee will hit
Crouching: s.MP/nj.knee

Standing: s.MP
Crouching: s.MP

Standing: s.MP
Crouching: s.MP

Standing: farthest possible distance ground knee will hit

If s.MP works then any combo leading up to s.MP xx knee will work as well

Also, with the top row of characters listed in the OP I checked only while they were standing not crouching so it’s probably possible to hit diddles and seth

Need to test quite a few different scenarios for both crouching and standing.

Certain variation of knee like instant air knee can juggle too if they are trying to escape corner pressure. Did several times. By knee assuming your talking about the ground one Sugami.

Yeah, Air Knee has bad recovery so no chance of landing Ultra if you don’t hit them in the air.

uhh i been landing it on lots of characters off corner trap knees :bgrin: they always hit pretty meaty

appreciate the writeup

Well I appreciate all the work you guys have put in here, but… I think this is all kind of useless. Are any of you going to bother remembering the exact scenarios in which short dan kick to ultra2 works? I mean look at how incredibly character-specific this is. You have to combo into it in some cases, which normal you use to combo into it matters, some characters you have to do it meaty, some you have to cross up, some it doesn’t work on at all, etc. Wow. I’m all for complexity in character design and combos, but this ridiculous.

we on some guilty gear shit in here. :smokin:

It’s not that crazy. Generally, s.MP xx LK.Danku from max range will lead to a good juggle window, outside of using it on larger characters. Then there’s just using it straight meaty on wakeup, which nets you the same juggle window.

Dan makes C. Viper look like easy mode haha