Kleners Custom Stick and mod service. DFW texas

Hello I have built quite a few sticks and have about 6 more on the way for customers. I have been doing mostly craigslist and Word of mouth.

Alot of texas fighters have seen me and my sticks at tournaments. I wanted to be a part of Shoryuken for awhile before i posted here.
If you are looking to have a custom stick built in the Fort Worth/Dallas area let me know. You can message me on here or email me at kleners@gmail.com for price breakdown. My Pricing ranges dependent on parts needed. There is almost no markup on parts, and I’m VERY reasonable on my labor for the quality.
Standard Build $416+shipping. Some buttons/balltops/LEDs/changes could change prices.

Fort Worth Texas
Build custom Sticks.
Repair and Mod Existing sticks
Dual mods Cthulu, Kitty Boards, Paewang, and Padhacks
Led Mods seimitsu, sanwa and even Happ buttons.
Wiring Mods
Custom Graphics
Repair worn Arcade machines and build Mame conversions.

You can reference my name here to see some custom builds. or go through my portfolio online at…

I’ll be the first to say. I found him on craigslist. Met him in person at his own home. Great guy, great attention to detail. You wont find a more stand up guy when it comes to getting work done and making sure everything is just the way you want it.

Hey Kleners,

I’m looking to buy a joystick box for my son. I have the original joystick and buttons that I took out from Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA box.
I just need a working box with cool Ryu graphic on it, something my son will like. Is this something you can build and what’s your price?



Just sent you a message regarding some LED work.

I sent an Email to both A!den and Nucking Futs.

do you build custom Korean Arcade stick?

I’ve got a Madcatz SE that I planned on putting sanwa buttons and stick in it until my dog chewed through the cord. Is it that something that could be easily fixed?