Kitchener-Waterloo Thread for 2016

Lets see if we can revive the KW thread with SFV dropping and all.

I don’t think this thread should be Bisons Autoshop specific. All FGC discussion that is KW or Tri-City related can be relayed through here. Anyone who organizes event’s and get togethers for the area are encouraged to post here!

I will obviously start by posting ‘the autoshop’ venue for anyone looking for a place to play SFV on Thursday nights @6PM.

The University of Waterloo FGC is hopping on SF5 bandwagon too. If you’re available on Tuesdays, we’re trying to run (free) SF5 brackets every week from now on. As always we’re also available for animu games (GGXRD, BB, DFC, NPB, etc)

Winter 2016 Schedule:

MC 4063
Every Tuesday 6PM - 11PM
January 12 - April 5

When is the next bison tournament?

Rob is a weiner



still been really busy at work and during weekends.

I agree

ayyy i’ll come out to play

do you guys want any extra ps4 setups tonight? i have colour 3 unlocked on everyone but nothing more because i’m a scrub fuck input reading ai

My Iron Body is Invincible. Unlike Rob’s. Cause he’s a weiner. Hit the gym bro.

I am no weiner!

Anyone doing anything on Sat. 2/20? Traveling for work, and looking for some SF5 action on Sat night.

Playing the frustration mode? There should be a shortcut to the last 5 Characters, cuz otherzise i will just mash with My feet while I play the first Stupid dummies.
Losing at the last ones one hour later is sooo frustrating…

As predicted, they are pushing us to buys some zenny even for colors. That is a little bit too much.