Kingsville (where?) thread

All right Kingsville scrubs. In the name of SF and beer. Here’s our new thread.

Shit talk, cry :frowning: , suck dick:eek: , whatever. Just have fun and post away. (Hopefully it doesn’t die after one day.)

Enjoy!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :lame:

where u from firestarter?

are u from kingsville ? its already close to flatlining. you aint from kingsville you jus representing it? :lol: call disciple at 593-3730

where u from firestarter?

:confused: :confused: ok, asshole this is your master Carlos. Now, go and make me a sandwich bitch. I’m not from kingsville (and wouldnt wanna be), but I play there. SO?

:lol: shut the fuck up before i rape you on mvc2 like always:lol:

So, how were the games today? Up playing games while i’m at home asleep:confused: :confused:

Holy shit this is so fucking gay!!!:lol:

why did you start a kingsville thread its bad enough that people from other towns that go to school here have to represent. trust me i should know, i’m not from here. i remember that you said that you didn’t like to talk shit on the net. james is actually the only one from here but he’s trying hard to break the curse of kingsville, and that is to be stuck here FOREVER.

This thread isn’t for talking shit. It’s only to talk about the game and what’s going on (example: Are you going to be able to play this weekend?) You know shit like that. I know that we are not from here but we do play here, so just post if you want or don’t and let it die down and eventually fall out (it doesn’t matter). Maybe lando and inio (sp?) can start posting here too. If not thats fine, just let it die.

na i know what your trying to do firestarter and its cool i’m not from here and i’m posting on here so fuck it, anyways are you going to go this friday it would be bad ass if you went dude let me know tommorrow, i left me # on an earlier post somewhere around here its just that the area code is (361) so call and let me know we may need another car know what i mean.

  • i ain’t talking shit i’m just saying:bluu:

Yeah, i don’t really rep kingsville or any area for that matter. I play for fun and for myself, but it’s fun helping and trying to learn from each other. That’s why I made this thread so us scrubs that play together can talk and set up games and have fun. Altough, we really do need to start getting into more games (ex: 3 strike and CvS2). Especially Third strike, that game looks fucking awsome, eventhough it’s been out for like 10 years.:smiley:

I sort of had plans for this Fri, but I guess I will make it. I’ll see you two at school, we can set our shit up and hang out then leave at around 5 or 6:00.

adrian: what’s up with those little sayings after every post.:lame: :smiley:

james: dude when the fffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk are you going to set up that dreamcast in adrians dorm again. He could work on his ironman and magneto, and I could work on my stri/doom without having to waste money. And you could work on every character because, well you need to. :smiley: :lol: :eek: :smiley:

P.S. who else is going with us to Corpus? To be honest, I really don’t want anyone else to go. But whatever

Oh yeah, what’s up with the vehicle for houston. The F-350??? We need to get our shit together pretty soon. I really hope it works out, its too good to miss.

yeah 3rd strike and cvs2 are sum badass fighters, as for the cast its still here at my pad but i havent been playing it. my bro forgot to take it back to my friend bert again. the f-350 would be our best bet of getting to houston but i doubt it’ll come though. i think its jus me,you, and adrian going. i think adrian is gunna get a lift from silentstrike.

firestarter: yea i am getting a ride with silentstrike so i think james is riding with you firestarter if thats cool. i don’t know why i put little quotes on my posts i’ve been doing that in my e-mail for years so thats the reason. firestarter are you going to be at school tommorrow if you are i’ll see you in the usual place.

:bluu: i once kicked a sayjin in the tail and ran.!:evil:


firestarter: if you can give me a lift i’ll go wit you. if its 2 much trouble my bro can probably take me. ohh yeah i’ll be taking the cast 2 the SUB then when disciple0 finishs his classes we’ll go to his dorm room. so you best get ur azz out of bed this fuckin time. we can get a little practice in b4 we jet 2 CC.

silentstrike: i’ll be in the SUB around 11-12.

wut is yall schedules 2morrow. how many classes yall taking and at wut times?

i got a two classes tommorrow, one from 8:00 to 8: 50 and the other from 10:00 to 11:50. so i’ll be at the sub around 12:00

kool i’ll probably be there when you get there. cya 2morrow.

I’ll be at the sub at 11:00 tomorrow, sitting and waiting :confused:.
Did you mean that adrian is going to corpus with strike or is he going to Houston with him???

No F350, huh. Dude if there is no other way to get to Houston, then maybe, just maybe we can go in my car. Get ready to push it when it breaks down though.:smiley: :smiley:

hey james, the ride to Corpus is no problem. We’ll practice at the dorm (or anywhere else) a little then take off.


Adrian is going to corpus with strike. i doubt the f350 will some through so we’ll all hop on top off your ride and jet for the h-town tourney…if it breaks down then we’re FUCKED!:frowning: cya at the SUB.

james: do you think that it would be cool if I (or adrian too if he wants) crashed out at your bros house tomorrow night? After the games at Serges, we could take your dreamcast, buy a shit load of beer and just hang out. It will probably be really late after the games, and I don’t wanna fall asleep on the drive home.

If it’s too much trouble or anything, then it’s totally cool. I’ll understand.

its not jus my bros appartment he lives wit his wife and his bro-in-law. i’ll ask him though…but im not sure wut the answer will be so cross your fingers. it would be better if we could stay there though. its not my cast its my friend bert’s he’ll probably be joining us on friday. i told my bro to tell bert that us k-town scrubs will be playing against the CC mvc2 playaz.

hey firestarter wut time do you get out of work on T&R?