King of Fighters XIII is out on PS3 and 360!



Hopefully Atlus will provide a proper translation and good online.

Edit: Changed this up due to release date delay - Noc

amazon listings are a reliable source of gaming news

edit: well, fuck

I hope that’s the real release date. GET HYPE!

IT’S REAL1!!!111

It’s about damn time.


that’s the mystery E3 game?

Depends, is the mystery E3 game said to be a fighting game?
Either way, they did say a fighting game franchise would return in this E3 (this was announced before E3 even begun)

I hope the netcode isnt shit like 2K2UM

GGPO is open for all developers right? Atlus should consider it…

So is Atlus handeling the port, or just publishing it?
If they are porting it, I’m gonna be a bit worried.

Why? It’s not like SNK’s ports are good.

But Atlus USA is a publisher, so chances are SNK is handling the port and Atlus is handling the localization.

Doesn’t seem likely. The arcade version of XIII already had an English translation.

Localization covers more than just the game. Menus, manuals, the boxart, etcetera.

Get them to use GGPO. I’m pretty sure Atlus understands the need of a proper netcode.

I think I just herped so hard that I derped.

That’s good news. Hope they add some good netcode to it.

OMG, I am so glad KOFXIII is finally coming out. Day 1 purchase for me!

I’m aware of that. Either way, the bulk of the work (all of the pre-fight dialogue and win quotes in arcade mode) would already be complete is all I’m saying. Everything else should be rather simple for them, though including the sort of pre-order bonuses Atlus is known for (something useful, like an artbook and soundtrack) would be nice.

KOF XIII for EVO 2012!