King of fighters online?

So KoF is now street of rage.


heh they were supposed to make this, or something of its nature a few years ago. Looks like a generic mahvel ultimate alliance, yet i would still play it.

The first KOF game was supposed to be a team based side scrolling beat-em-up you know.

Probably not the right forum for this though.

huh. if the controls are nice and responsive i’ll give it a shot :stuck_out_tongue:

What the?

I thought beat em ups were dead.

I think it looks fun to play with a bud and shit. with a bud.

NO MAI NO BUY!!! lol jk looks awsome but yay Mai!!! lol

like… fighting games?

this looks ridiculous. i can only imagine everyone running around looking exactly the same.

looks good. But it needs more Benimaru,

Not be a prick but there’s already thread about this in the KOF section :rolleyes:

well this is defintely a surpise. I’d never thought the game would be official

Which no one visits except hardcore KOF fans.

If you want something to be ignored/missed by the majority of the SRK community, post it exclusively in the KOF section.

Anyways, bring on more KOF games! Best part of the vid is when someone throws a chair at Kyo, and Kyo says NO THANK YOU.

This seems like a lot of fun. Between this and the Turtles remake, beat 'n up fans like me will have a lot of fun. I just don’t see much of a point in calling it online? Pretty generic IMO

Looks awesome.

Looks pretty cool, I was just playing SoR2 5 minutes ago. I love scrolling beat-em-ups :bgrin:

It won’t be a MMO lol.

Looks fun. I’ve been playing the same beat em ups all my life. Its cool that their actually make a new on that looks decent.