King of Fighters Limited edition stick

I’ve been looking at getting a stick for some time now, mainly for PS2 and PC. I have a PS2 - PC adapter, so I would want to get a PS2 stick.

I’ve been browsing through this forum, and I’ve heard a lot of praise for the SFAC stick for beginners. I live in New Zealand, where there isn’t much market for sticks at all, but GPstore has them for NZ$95 atm, which is a fair price.

I’ve also been checking around a NZ ebay-esque site (TradeMe), and I see that someone is selling a KoF Limited Edition stick for NZ$50. It is made by the same company as the SFAC one, so I would assume it would be as easily modded… However it has a strange surface contour that could make things tricky.

Would I be better off shelling out the extra cash for the SFAC one?

Also, on a side note, any Oceanic players know of a supplier for Sanwa/Happ parts down here?

If this is the Nuby stick run away fast.

Huh? The SF:AC stick IS made by Nuby.

Yeah. Codd was talking about a KoF stick made by them, which looks like this:

The SFAC stick is only good for the case and to mod, those are the only redeeming factors about it.

That stick looks like crap, just like that SC2 one.

I thought about getting that stick, just for collection purposes because it really looks ugly, id feel shame pulling that out in front of everyone.

Hey thats WORTH it, for those who don’t have the tools/knowledge for the woodwork like me. So you get a good casing, good PCB, and its all wired up for ya. Just gotta swap out the stock parts with Happ.

Even though i already have a custom stick, i bought the SF:AC stick anyway.

For one, to see how well it stacks up to the real thing, and also to learn to mod it myself later. Will also be good to have a second stick.

I had the joy of playing with one at a friends, not only does it look crap, It feels crap too…

I reviewed the SC2 stick and I thought I was too generous with the review, but it was the pre RAP Sanwa/Seimitsu fanatical era.

If you have one lying around, I wonder if you use the PCB (chuck the rest of the stick), convert the XBox port to USB and enable the analog mode for PS2? Or use any old USB adapter since I think it has an analog enabled port or something.

Hurls uncontrolably


Coddfish, I replied to your post from gpforums earlier. I’m a kiwi too, but unfortunately when it comes to fighting games, sanwa parts, us PAL gamers are royally screwed.

Get a Hori Real Arcade Pro stick (best non custom stick you can get) from play-asia. It’s a tad pricey, but well worth it. Don’t waste your money on that kof/sfac joystick rubbish.

And you can get sanwa parts from:
ponyboy (on these trade forums)

I would advise using Ponyboy or Akihabara. Check these forums for documented problems with himuragames.

lol the stick is based on kof2k which was shitty so id image the stick would be too

I had the Nuby SC2 stick. I was pleased with it at first since it was my first stick, but then I bought the US Hori T5 and it made me realize how much the Nuby SC2 stick sucked.

I just wanna ask…is it possible to use this kof sticks pcb for a custom stick? i mean could i solder on it or it so much of a headache that its not even worth trying?

I heard that the PCBs in those Nubys are as bad as the sticks themselves. So don’t bother, go use a different PCB. :looney:

There is an Australian store which sells Sanwa parts, called imaginatively (why au gets .com I’ll never know… US wannabes?) I was quoted ~$35AU including postage to NZ for a balltop. HTH

All countries can register .com’s afaik