King of Fighters for Girls

Hello everyone! I hope this post isn’t too out of place here.

I’ve recently started posting the KOFG main story to YouTube for anyone interested. My goal is to one day get it all translated so everyone can enjoy it (though it’ll be a while).

Here’s a playlist. The prologue is already up and I hope to get the rest of the main story uploaded this week.

Translation help is always appreciated!

Thanks for reading!
Yama Hikari


Think this might be up your alley.

No, no it ain’t.
No Goro, no Takuma, no Chang, no Raiden, no Ralf, no Clark, no Heidern as date options just to name a few. Only two worthy picks are Terry and Ryo. And even them aren’t looking rugged and MANLY.
If I were to date someone girlier looking than me, I would date a girl.
Hello no. They dropped the ball hard by naming it “For girls”, making it a dating simulator then leaving the best dating material out of the game!

Those characters are too old, fat and ugly in the case of Ralf and Clark Japan girls aren’t into muscle heads those are considered uncool by bishonen standards

Lol that skinny kyo I think I remember him having more muscles


Well, Maxima is kinda muscle-y, I think. Plus Shingo is hiding some beef under those clothes…

But yeah, the characters were designed more with what a majority of ladies like vs their usual fighting game look. That said, one of the artists who did some official KOF art, Falcoon, drew people a little lankier than usual.

Anyway, I finally updated with all of chapter 1, if people are interested : )