King Of Fighters 95 on PSN

Bought it today and played over 20 games. This may shock many but the netcode is good. SamSho had decent to good netcode and this feels like a better version of that. Only 2 matches with lag and that may have been because of my internet provider doing maintenance. If KOFXIII’s netcode can match 95’s, then consider it a success…somewhat :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone play the game online? What’s your impressions?

Note: This is the Neo Geo Station version.

ps1 or cade ver?

Actual arcade version on the Neo Geo Station.

Need to get my hands on this though im annoyed that is doesn’t have a training mode which imo could be added on even though the original didn’t have it

I’ll play, send me a friend invite.

I play this but I rather play Samurai Shodown.

Sad Netcode Bruh.

Depends on the connection. Playing with my friends was completely good Bruh.

KOF96 this week in Japan, next week for other regions possibly.