King of fighters 94/94 Rebout

So guys, i see that there is no thread about the first chapter of our beloved KOF so i decided to open one.
I must admit that i really like it!
The only bad point is that u cant change the team chars but there are KOF94-Rebout / KOF95 for this. So to me it’s not that bad.
Recently i received 94 Rebout and i really like the look of this “remake” although some stages are crap and Saysiu doesnt belong here. The High-Def chars are really goodlooking and luckly there is the original neogeo stages (and KOF94OG inside). And 2 words for the introduction: fuckin awesome!!!
Anyway coming back to the game…i use the Brasil,Mexican and sometimes Italy ( :confused: ) teams.
Do you have any suggestion for them?
I have some replay of matches i had on 2df but dunno if they work.
Another question: do you have a tier list? just curious to see where the USA team is ( i dont like them ) :rofl:

And obviously give me your opinion about this game (94 and 94RE (if u have tried it))

Doesn’t this game have 50% combos from something stupid like a crB for no meter?


yes…crB is crucial ahah
i mean jumpB,crB… with KIm is even better, jumpB,crB,hold cr then upD eheh
with clark if your enemy is at the corner just do the vulcan punches and you can have 50% damage ahah

I really didn’t like OG94 all that much. So, what’s here that’s any different from the original?

well, the stages are in 3d (awfully made though), high-def chars, saysiu, team editing… Dark Geese can tell u much more, i played the “remake” just 2 days ago for 30min eheh
but i love the original

i hate the stages in rebout

anyway, I like 94, i don’t know why, maybe because is hard and i like when i made a combo in this game

Most of the broken things that defined 94 OG are taken out…so redizzies are gone, broken Ralf and Clark glitches are gone…so its more balanced…but still easy 50% comboes lol.

I didn’t play much 94RB but I remember some characters having some mad easy dizzy combos, like Kyo could do c.LK(3~4x) x HK Spinning Kicks and stun pretty much any character, Ryo/Takuma could combo into Spinning Kicks and stun pretty much any character, etc.
KOF94RB is a fun game but KOF98UM/KOF02UM are much better imo.

In 94 OG, cancel the second hit of Terry’s close C with a light Burn Knuckle for an easy dizzy.

Or should I say easy win?

That’s good to hear. Maybe I’ll give it a try, though I doubt it’ll compete with the likes of XI, 98UM, GGAC+, and 3S on campus though. Especially given the easy 50% combos.

can u tell me more about that? :wonder:

hi guys!
i made a combo video of this game.
You can watch it here:

Comments are appreciated (Geese since u know kof better than me, i’d like to have some comments from u too).
Anyway nothing really fancy but useful stuff for VS mode (or against the cpu ahah).
Cheers and beers! :bgrin:

u saying that is the same as bashing sf2 cause of it’s undeveloped gameplay and comparing it to 3s… or hating on tekken 2 because it sucks compared to tekken 6…

the point is if it weren’t for the very first few titles of the serieses that we love to play …that seem old and stupid now …u wouldn’t have kofxi, sf4, sc4 or t6…

I’ll comment on it asap as sure as I got some time no problem!

thx pal!

Just a heads up you can use the same combo u did with Kyo with the rapid into rdp+d with Kim (except end with super or a flash kick.)

It’s almost instant dizzy.

Crust used as the background music in a CMV? Awesome. Never thought I’d see that haha, too used to hearing pop and bad hip-hop. What’s the name of the first song?

Is it possible to use the old graphics with the new gameplay, kinda like what they did with HDRemix? The new backgrounds are ok, but they just don’t fit with the sprites. That and KoF '94-'96 had some of the best stage design ever…

really? need to try that :smiley:
and what about the andy combo (the first one against rugal)? is it possible to do against other chars? maybe it’s just wrong timing but the cpu still guards after the fireball…

I dont like hip pop, my genre is punk :razz:
Both songs are from the same band, The Varukers, the first one is “State Enemy”.
Yeah it’s possible to use old graphics (for backgrounds only), in the option u can choose between “neogeo” and “normal”, if u chose the first one everything is back in neogeo style.
Some new stages are pretty good but most of them are crap (korea,japan,china,black noah are just awful).

I love Italian black metal! Just wanted to say that haha.

Never really tried '94 to be honest. Thanks for the vid, though, it should help me get started.

lol italian black metal? xD
my bro listened to black metal when we were in high school…i can’t stand that music xD