King of Fighters 2K2: Unlimited Match to hit XBLA (As Per MS Japan Spring Conference)

And so, another console manufacturer conference has come and gone, and ironically the big news is not on the main console release front, it’s on the online game front. Especially for SNK Fans, like many of our section regulars are.

What is the big news, you might ask? Well, SNK Playmore announced that not only Garou: Mark of the Wolves is coming to XBLA, but King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match will hit the online gaming marketplace in 2010.

That’s right. King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match will hit X-Box Live Arcade.

I don’t know about you, but this is awesome news. I’ll need to rebuy a PS2 and get it modified to get some understanding of the new game in before we get the online version.

SNK is on a roll lately.

Sources: - If you want to read NEO GAF entertainment - Some Screen Shots

I dont understand why it’s taking so long to get KOF: UM 2002 on the 360. Takes so long…:frowning:

Almost bought the PS2 version but I cant wait another year. :frowning:


falls over/dies*

too many confirmed fighters new for one day… can’t handle it!


:wow: I can’t wait to check out both when they drop on Live. Good job SNKP! :tup:

Wow, this is awesome. Can’t wait for both Garou and 2K2:UM. What a year for fighting games!

they’re coming out 2010 so there’s plenty time to play KOF12 in the meantime. . . maybe 2k2 will be Revenge version and not identical to the PS2 version.

what about for the psn?

98UM gets the shaft?

Holy Cow, XBLA is going to be getting both KOF98 and 2002 now! Not to mention KOFXII in July as well.

Garou should be fantastic as well.

Good time to be getting into SNK fighters by the sounds of it.

Promote dat shit SNKP :rock:

plus for westerners it’s gonna be one of the consoles with a decent online option for KOF2k2 too.

With KOF2k2 being the second most popular game on ggpo no doubt we’re gonna see some of that migration to the 360. Maybe it will be the Revenge version and not the PS2 version (so no bosses/infinites in matchups etc.)

No. 98 Ultimate Match is still coming out. It just means that we’re getting both of the re-done games. So more people get their choice of game.

Day #1 purchase (hopefully).

Let’s hope SNKP does the smart thing and announces their XBLA games on PSN as well, so that everyone would share the love.

yea-exactly-i want for my ps3-i dont own a 360

yes, I mean c’mon this series would fare better on the PS3 (PSN) over any Microsoft product in japan. That’s fact, not some fan-boy biast.

MS money, perhaps? Good for us Xboxers, you might want to invest in a 360 then man. (Or wait)

I’ll wait, buying a 360 is no investment if you have to pay for on-line and worry about the damn thing getting RROD and error messages.

I have a 360 Elite just sitting in my room that all but one person in the house ever touches. =/
Besides all the stuff already mentioned the PS3 opens up a lot more options when it comes to sticks, too. /360haterant

Anyway here’s to hoping the US PSN gets the same treatment. Garou:MOTW is already out on JPN PSN, if I recall correctly. Garou, alone, would make me a happy panda.

Wait what! Since when little!

Why are people so excited about Garou hitting Xbox live when it’s already available on GGPO/2DF with most likelly much better netplay and no porting issues?

2k2UM I can understand atleast.