King of Fighters 13 incoming!

According to a couple of arcade operator friends of mine, SNK will be showing off the latest iteration of the King of Fighters series at AOU on the 19th and 20th.

King of Fighters 13 will apparently run on the Type X2 hardware and will begin operation during the last part of April. I dont have any other information but most likely things will start to pop up this weekend.

Source (me):

Here’s hoping for quality, a swift port and more K’

I cant wait to be let down again!

htye realized how much KOFXII sucks :rofl:
hopefully they will get it right this time
I lived for some time in Mexico, I have to love KOF :lovin:

All they really need to do is add 10 or 15 new characters and fix the netcode.

The first part is much easier to achieve for SNK. The latter…well, we’ll see. As long as we get Mai and Yuri and I at least get Yashiro and Geese.

Good to hear they’re still working on it and soon, as well. Looking forward for some good footage/impressions.

KOF12 got bashed hard, and rightfully so, but it was the first really “new” KOF game to come out in years besides Maximum Impact. So KOF 13 can only be an improvement.

Also, it’s clear that SNK aren’t quite the same company that they were when, say, KOF '98 was new.

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE I need to know where this is happening! (awaits info) Cant frekin wait!!! Hopefully its somewhere in Tokyo.

Hopefully Clark still sucks.:china:

Perhaps they’ll actually release a complete game this time.

Hopefully this is going to be really good. I would love to get in on the KoF train but I don’t really have access to any of the old ones except for roms; don’t know how good those are to practice combos.

In case it wasn’t clear before–

KOF 13 was being developed in tandem with KOF 12. KOF 12 was basically released to make a “quick buck” while they continued development on the next-gen KOF title. Not sure why they thought a KOF game with 20 characters was gonna fly.

Yes, it’s happening at the AOU show in Tokyo.

I’m not 100% sure on this announcement but don’t be surprised if it shows up.

From what I have read, if you can get the right cheats (unlim time, unlim life) and set up your savestates, it can be a decent training mode.

I tried to like XII but just kinda gave up on it… Hopefully SNK does things right this time. Hopefully they can spend more time on the actual game than making the sprites for it.

Lack of training mode options, and really barebones, but the roms are the aes/mvs versions, so they should be perfectly fine.

This bit has me excited if its referring to location tests.

It’s not like the artists do gameplay or programming, so… The sprites didn’t steal time from those things, if that’s what you mean :razzy:

Is this going to be DLC for 12?

:looks at copy of KOF12:

Yeah, KoF12… $60 down the drain. We’ll just call it even, SNK, cause I pirated the hell out of your roms years ago.

KoF13 should be cool, they just needed to tweak 12 to be a good game, so it probably will be sweet.

You forgot someone important.
Someone whose name is IN THE FUCKING TITLE. :mad: