King Of Combat (Xuan Dou Zhi Wang) A NEW F2P MMO Fighter!


I am here to talk about a NEW Fighting Game Called King of Combat! (Xuan Dou Zhi Wang in China).

It is a Fighting game made by Chinese developers inspired by the King of Fighters Series.

There is currently a Fan-Site set up for the game…

You can learn all about the game from this website.

There is currently a Petition for the game and it needs 10,000 signatures. Please sine this petition so this game can be released in the U.S.炫斗之王

Also… Guess who’s going to be “Guest Characters” in this game…

I wish Capcom vs. SNK 3 looks like this. I like the idea of it being in that similar art style, but 3D (damn good animations though), and with the MK command style. And it’s a more traditional gameplay style, not the hyper fighting style of MvC, GGX, and Blazblue. Too many trying to make those, especially doujin fighters. I hope it isn’t just on PC.

quick question can anyone join this and is the lag actually decent for someone from the united states?

1.- You have to have a QQ account at least 1 year old.
2.- I don’t know about the lag, I’m from Mexico and playing single-character matches against any kind of user (no matter Chinese or American) almost always suck. 6-Player 3vs3 matches go smooth as silk, however.