King of Chinatown Showing in Manhattan

The king of chinatown is now going to be shown in NJ one final time before it hits the festival circuit this winter and early spring. We will anounce dates via twitter; facebook; , and this thread.

you can still view our trailer here; and remember to tell us how much we suck for not releasing it on dvd yet. (sorry we can’t until we get it through festivals)

Also, we wil release a video review of King of Chinatown by some of the King of Kong cast soon

Cool, I’ll be there to show some support! Do we have to buy tickets in advance or at the door?

tickets will be available only at the door… UNLESS you are someone that has some sort of site or blog, youtube, anything that will be reviewing the movie and can prove your legitness and web traffic… in that case email and we will send you a VIP pass.

New site is up as of 5 minutes ago King of Chinatown - Official Feature Film Site Please help spread the word about August 3rd showing. If you have any theater suggestions for Cali lemme know. I want to get it out there also in August.

make a stop in Albuquerque New Mexico!

Thank you for clicking the “Request KOC in your city” Link on King of Chinatown - Official Feature Film Site. 2 from New Mexico so far, What we’ll do is, the largest amount of response from one area will mean a definite showing in that area, even if we pay for the theater ourselves.

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“KING OF CHINATOWN” Premiere | Facebook

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We might also be showing at the International Video Game Hall of Fame in Ottumwa, IA

Any chance of showings in UK? I really want to see this movie

hopefully soon once we get some momentum, but for now:

August 3rd 8pm
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Ave
Manhattan, NY

August 7th 3pm & 8pm
The Big Bang The Big Bang | International Video Game Hall of Fame
The International Video Game Hall of Fame
Ottumwa, IA

More dates coming soon, the website requests are trending towards either LA or Bay Area.

So what is the long term schedule? Is there going to be an online/DvD release?

Thank you for making this film, I cannot wait to see this. Unfortunately, I am in Binghamton, I will not be able to see the showing in New York City. I have requested the film be shown in Binghamton on your website, is there any chance this will materialize? Also, will there be a DVD or Bluray release? Thanks again in advance.

Trying our best to get it to wherever we can get it. Eventually there will be a dvd release. Once you put it on dvd, theaters are out of the question, so we are doing theaters and festivals first.

I know it’s tough getting into film festivals best of luck with your submissions.

Can’t wait for the DvD I really want to see this movie.

We aren’t going to have to wait another year for the DVD release are we? :wgrin:

I hope not. I really want to see this film.

You will most likely have to wait another year for the DVD release. This is a real feature film. We had a budget and a crew. It is showing in Manhattan this tuesday if you live in the tristate area, so technically you do not have to wait,. It will also be showing in Iowa at the Big Bang festival… Check out The Big Bang | International Video Game Hall of Fame for more info on that. Next stop Cali. We are in the middle of negotiating with theaters out there to show our film.

Yo if you can get it to San Diego, probably hillcrest, landmark theater, or the downtown gaslamp, i promise to force many of my peeps to watch it.

i know im a couple of days late but heres my review:

this movie is godlike.
Overall despite the title “King of Chinatown” it doesn’t focus on justin, but rather his rise to the top with guidance from his best friend and manger triforce. This documentary includes arguments from fans of empire and people who arent fans. sort of a miniature debate within the main story. of course it ran through pivotal moments of justin’s ant evo (which the editor did an excellent job on) and also within the movie every burning question that people who are strongly against the empire wanted thew answer to is explained and answered via direct and or indirect methods. unfortunately the mileena stuff wasn’t in this cut of the film completely and that section was cut from the movie entirely due to lack of time before the screening.along with all of that it exposes a lot of people on a lot of things… but yea great movie 5 stars!!!

p.s.: shinjo i hope you request it at binghamton or when you come down during summer break. you of all people need to see this movie so it can enlighten you to what empire is and can disprove your eloquent, long winded, fictitious claims and put this empire bashing shit to bed for now atl east… I respect the fact that you wanted to strike up an educated debate but give the situation at the time, it just wasn’t the best thing to do but no use crying over spilled milk i suppose.

Nice post JustinW, I really tried to find a cached and post up the image, but I couldn’t find it. I just don’t see why you didn’t leave it.

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