[Kineda] Street Fighter IV T-Shirts **World Warrior II Release**

Feb 19, 2010
World Warrior II
Pre-order begins Feb 22, 2010. Details here:
Pre-orders now available for Kineda World Warrior II Tees. Sale ends on March 8, 2010.

December 18, 2009
World Warrior - SOLD OUT
Reprint drops on Monday 12/21 at 9PM PST. Quantity: 100 tees up for grabs! :slight_smile:

November 25, 2009
World Warrior - SOLD OUT.
A few Talk Street Fighter to Me tees still available for girls.

November 24, 2009
World Warrior Collection drops tonight at 10pm PST:

******* Previous Designs No Longer in Print Below ********
Kineda’s Street Fighter IV T-Shirts are now on pre-sale until October 1, 2009 at our online store. This will be the last reprint, for those who missed out the first time these dropped.

Get them before they’re gone! :rock:

Street Fighter IV Lingo - SOLD OUT


I Came. I Saw. I Hadoukened. - SOLD OUT


Focus Attack Dash Cancel Everything - SOLD OUT


Actual pics of the shirts



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I have wanted one since evo. Mine!

I repped this shit at Evo party!

Purchased the SF4 Lingo Tee, thanks for the re-print! :slight_smile:

What t-shirts are these printed on?

i.e. American Apparel, Gildan, AAA, etc?

Ordered one of each. Can’t wait to get them!

they look great! tempted to order one :smiley:

Thank you Terry! I bought my shirts! Twas good seeing you at WCWZ

kineda!!! put a large fadc shirt on hold for me, pleeeeasseeeeee, i get paid on friday!

Awesome shirts, Kineda! I hope you print them in tanks sometime in the future though!

Finally, will get my shit ordered tomorrow I hope it last…

got 1. It was an impulse buy. Hope I don’t regret it :stuck_out_tongue:

just ordered an XL i came i saw i hadoukened…
thanks alot kineda i had PMed you after evo and i’m glad to see you reprinted :smiley:
Grats on the success with the shirts and thanks again!

Dam nice stuff, Really hope there’s still some available by the time I get back from the bank :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the first day orders! These puppies might get printed sooner than I expected at this rate. :smiley:

let us know what kind of shirts these are printed on, if you can… or at least some measurements for each size. if you do, i’ll certainly buy one if they’re not too wide/short.

Put my order, hope we can order more at a later time; can’t afford all 3 =[

Just ordered two shirts. Thanks again!

For everyone PMing about shirt sizing. Here you go:

Body Width: S=18", M=20", L=22", XL=24", 2XL=26"

The shirts are the same one’s used by Triumvir and other streetwear brands. So if you have a Triumvir SFIV shirt already, then they’ll fit exactly the same.


I was wondering if I can change the size to L? I didn’t know about this sizing chart… I will send you a PM directly from paypal…