Kineda Fight Night - Wednesday, May 12 @ 8PM PST


Ready to show the world your godlike Super Street Fighter IV skills? If so, sign up for Kineda Fight Night! I?ll be taking on all challengers in a battle to win a World Warrior t-shirt ($30) and other prizes. Entry is FREE or $2 (via PayPal) for a guaranteed spot to play!

**Full details: **

Kineda I don’t have an xbox but I’ll be playing you from my roommates… Now, to borrow a copy of SSF4 for xbox…

hey terry. can i just have:woot: the t shirt?

So basically $8 for the T-Shirt if someone beat you? $2 for the priority list and $6 shipping, correct?

No prob. :slight_smile: Just hit me up with an invite and message when you find out. You don’t have SSFIV for xbox?!

For you… anything man! :lovin:

Priority list isn’t required to play, but if you’re on it and beat me then $8 is correct. Shipping costs suck I know!!! I wish USPS didn’t charge for shipping anything. :sad: I had to note it though just in case more than a handful of folks beat my scrubby butt which is a high possibility. If it’s less than a handful, shipping will be covered as well. Lets hope for the latter!

I’ll be there. How will I know when you’re free to play?