Kindle question

My mom wants a Amazon Kindle, so I’m thinking about buying her the 6" 3G version.

What I want to know is, are there any basic service fees other than subscribing to newspapers and magazines?

Thanks in advance.

Nope… 3G should be free unless you’re using it outside the US… Amazon will charge you 1.99 per download outside the US.

Cool, man. Thanks.

I’ve owned all 3 generations of the Kindle between myself and the wife and I have to say it keeps improving every time. Page turns get faster and the current gen turns pages about as fast or even faster than you can turn paperbacks. The button interfaces are definitely set up nicely now.

There are also a bunch of free novels out that have expired copyrights like Jules Vernes, Brontes, HG Wells etc as well as newer novels that are usually cheaper to buy than their paperback counterparts. If anyone reads on the regular I don’t see any reason not to own one unless you read the really really obscure novels. The only thing I read that hasn’t been published on a Kindle are Warhammer/40K novels. I haven’t used any of the .pdf features on it so I can’t say much but also being able to connect wirelessly is a nice feature as well. They really do make excellent gifts.

I don’t want to sound like a fanboy but a friend has the Nook but has had various problems with the firmware installed on it and she can’t even get it to work anymore. I haven’t had a problem with any of mine, minus sitting on it and breaking the screen.

I read some where that you can load txt and PDF files on kindle. Is that true?

I have some problems with the Kindle that I hope they fix sometime.

A) New book smell, if Amazon makes it so a new book smell comes out when you start it up I will day one buy it.

B) I wish they would bundle books with an eReader code. So I can own a hard copy and the digital copy.

I’m DYING for B to happen with audio purchases. When Apple decides to ship hard copies of albums when you buy digitally (I’ll even pay a premium), then I’d be willing to use the service.

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That’s extremely helpful feedback. I didn’t know about free novels being available.

I placed a order for the 3G. Thanks again!

I think it’s bound to happen. New movies come out with Blu ray and for like 3$ more, you get the dvd and digital copy with it. It’s only a matter of time.