Kin-Yoobi con & BAGC August 7th & 8th (SF4 tournys) - Hayward, CA

Sakura and I will be there. Looking forward to competing against fellow SFIV players in the bay area.

:lol: Nice :cybot::cool:

What console will Blazblue be on?

prize money anyone??? how much??
people wont come here if this is unclear

Sounds dope, needs more details like prize money for surezzzz.

I might show

Blazblue will be on 360 for tourny
You can play it on Ps3 for casual play :smile:

:lol: All tournaments are Free with admission (except SF 4). Alright here are the prize break downs for tournaments at Bay Area Gamers Conference (Friday)

Street Fighter 4 (360 & Ps3)
$5 entry for this tourny
1st %70 of pot +$50
2nd %20 of pot
3rd %10 of pot
4th $20
5th $10
5th $10
7th $5
7th $5
Top 8 also gets cool SF4 posters.

HD Remix (360)
1st $50
2nd $10
3rd (Mystery prize) :wow:

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)
1st $50
2nd $10
3rd (Mystery prize) :wow:

SF3: 3rd Strike (Ps2)
1st $30
2nd $10
3rd (Mystery prize) :wow:

Soul Calibur 3 (Ps3 and 360)
1st $20
2nd $10
3rd (Mystery prize) :wow:

Tekken 5 DR (Ps3)
1st $20
2nd $10
3rd (Mystery prize) :wow:

Blazblue (360)
1st $20
2nd $10
3rd (Mystery prize) :wow:

Virtua Fighter 5 (360)
1st $15
2nd $5
3rd (Mystery prize) :wow:

Madden 2009 (Ps2)
1st Brand new copy of Fight Night: round 4
2nd $20
3rd $10

Brawl/Melee/Halo 3/Iron man Competition
and Kin-Yoobi con (Saturday) tournaments prizes coming very soon :wgrin:

Pretty cool for Free tournies with admission. Plus Free food! and Admission is only $10 for friday and pre-registration is $8. GET HYPED!!! :party::party::party::cool:

i just dont know why are you guys making it FREE?
at least have people chip in $5 for the pot

Ha Ryan’s so sure of himself he wants more money

I’m good making whatever cash there is though

Probably because you have to play to get into the place.

Sounds cool. No CvS2 makes me sadface though.

well more money = more people would come

i dont think san jose / concord people would bother coming to fight for a $100 ???

I agree, and its not just about the money. Higher stakes automatically raises hype in matches, just more on the line.

I personally have no problem adding to the pot. That’s all I ever end up doing at tourneys anyway :lol::sad:.

However you have to remember that this tourneys are really technically side events, so those who went to the event for the anime or whatever, not really looking to play SF4 would probably not want to join if they had to spend another $5, after paying $15 at the door just to get there ass handed to them going out 0-2 by people who really play this shit.

And if that happens, then you hurt the attendance. One solution is a voluntary pot donation but I don’t know how that will work.

You’re right though, $100 ain’t much :xeye:

But it’s the 3S players I feel sorry for. :lol:

Edit: Suggestion: Batman, how about you only do like 2 or 3 fighters instead for 8, and boost the pots for each game that way?

oh my bad i didnt know there was a $15 event fee … damn that would really hurt attendance

:lol: I don’t mind having people donate to the pot to increase it. But yeah the only thing with having a $5 entry fee for friday’s tourny is would people want to pay $5 after the venue fee? $5 (entry) + $10 (venue) = $15? If so then we could have a $5 entry fee for just that tourny but I just figured that that would be too much for the average person. If not we could change it just for SF4 if we have enough people that really want to do that. But for Saturday it will still be free entry. Actually I’ll make a poll to see for friday. :cool:

i’m defintely down for sf4, hdr and 3s tournies on friday the 7th. are hdr and 3s double elim as well? and i don’t mind contributing to the pot, but i mainly just want to play for the comp.

i wouldn’t mind adding to the pot as well, seeing as im down to help support the scene and such

besides you guys are giving away food, which other con can do that?

I’m sure another $5 should be ok…as Dope said, you guys are giving free food anyway :bgrin: