Kim Kap Hwan in KOF 94 - 2000

I am trying to be at least competent at these particular SNK games using Kim Kap Hwan, so I have several questions:

  1. What are some good ways to practice Kim’s normals and combos? Also, in the KOFs I mentioned which have Ground Stomp that can be cancelled into his DM, how much buffering is needed to pull it off consistently?

  2. As SNK players here on these forums are well aware, the boss fights are … something else, and even have their own named Syndrome, which needs no introduction.

The problem I am having is that by using Kim Kap Hwan, he needs to get in their faces to have any chance at all, especially with Goenitz and Krizalid.

Besides practice (obviously) and exploiting A.I. Loops, how on Earth do you get near them to be able to do any damage? What do you guys do in those particular KOF editions? I know I am going to kick myself (no pun intended) trying to find the A.I. loops, but what A.I. loops are there that Kim can exploit?

In other thread, I was told that the Bogards and Kyo, among others, were noob friendly characters, so is it a bad idea to use Kim as one’s first SNK character? Also, I am using a Madcatz Brawlstick (the one with the WWE art).

No other way to beat SNK bosses than to abuse the AI. It’s like a mini-puzzle game within a fighting game, that’s just how it is. if Kim doesn’t work so well, have another character on your team that can do exploits better.

I recommend searching for 777 (KOF '98 replays mostly) on Youtube, he will give you an idea how to go about Kim.

Probably wrong place in the forums but '94 is the easiest to beat Rugal.
With any character, hold up+back and keep mashing C+D(knock-back attack) in the air, and wait for the time to run out.
The AI will keep walking into it and you’ll time them out. The only way to beat an SNK boss is to be cheap like an SNK boss.

Speaking of 777, how does he keep canceling Ground Stomp (Down, Down, B or D) into Kim’s DM? What’s the shortcut motion to cancel it?

You’ll want to take this to the KOF section next time.

IIRC the Kim stomp glitch only exists in 98. It’s not hard, just do the stomp (d,d+B) and then cancel it into his houou kyaku super (qcb, hcf + k) with the motion as normal without meter and Kim will completely cut the recovery of the move leaving you with +9000 frame advantage on hit and block. Get nuts.