Killer Instinct 3D for Xbox 360 (Rumours)

Fully 3D or 2.5D? Refined combat system?

thats something that i rally want to see, a new KI :bgrin:

Woah…Wut?! New KI?!

I was thinking about a new KI yesterday and here it is. Magic.

I’d actually buy a 360 for this.

…and the fighting game renaissance continues.

Bring back Cinder, please. Thanks in advance.

This rumor has been riding around the interwebs since Rare was bought by MS, and nothing has come of it yet. I won’t take anything short of an official announcement. I’ll see it when I believe it.

I know for a fact that Rare has had a team developing a new KI game. I cant tell you how I know, but lets just say I have a family member who works for a certain video game company.

cough [M$] cough

But there are 3 thins they are looking into:

  1. New KI game on next gen console (360)
  2. KI1 &/or 2 onto XBL with online play, leaderboards, achievements, etc
  3. KI (SNES) or KIG (N64) to Wii’s Virtual Console

#3 is almost an absolute, but its still up in the air about 1, and if not 1, then 2. Make sense?

Oh yeah, one more thing…


hellz yes

fuck new KI3d give me KI1 on Live Arcade!

3 wont happen. Rare owns the rights to KI.

Holy shit, 2008 will never be forgotten rhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

New Jago Kick. YESHH!

I want KI 1 arcade and gold to just be online.

So we can see an endless barrage of Cinder mirror matches, right? I mean, yeah, the game is kinda fun, but extremely broken and the online seen will probably kill itself within a week or two. I know there are other beast characters, but Cinder is like putting KOF 94 Rugal in as a playable character.

And who owns Rare?

Microsoft. So it won’t happen on Nintendo’s virtual console.

i will run my ass out and buy a 360 the day that happens

as for a 3d ki fuck that shit

I dont know if this happen, but if its true… thats it, 2008 will be fully legendary.